ONYX Graphics Adds Custom Driver and Media Profiles for the New HP Designjet L65500 Printer

ONYX Printer Driver Certified by HP to Ensure Optimal Printing Performance

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 27 -- ONYX Graphics, Inc. today announced the availability of a new custom driver and profiles for ONYX® ProductionHouse(TM) software to support the new HP Designjet® L65500 printer that uses HP® latex inks. The printer driver and media profiles are available now.

The driver is fully certified under the HP RIP Certification Program. HP certification includes an exhaustive set of test criteria to verify compatibility and integration with the HP Designjet L65500 printer. Along with the printer driver, 27 ready-to-use media profiles are available. These profiles include both HP and third-party media with multiple modes for each media type.

"Our long-term partnership with HP has enabled us to work closely to ensure that HP L65500 printer customers get the very most out of HP's innovative printing technologies," said Jeb Hurley, President and CEO of ONYX Graphics. According to HP, the HP Designjet L65500 printer is designed to reduce the impact of printing on the environment while delivering high print speeds and improved productivity.

Benefits of the HP RIP Certification Program

HP Designjet L65500 printer customers benefit from the certification of ONYX ProductionHouse software by enabling users to realize maximum productivity, decreased costs, and optimum output quality. In order to achieve HP certification, the ONYX driver for the HP Designjet L65500 printer was put through multiple stringent functionality and performance tests. Driver and workflow tests included important functionality and performance areas such as dynamic printer media retrieval, job creation, printing performance, generic International Color Consortium® (ICC) profile support, HP media support and HP Professional Pantone® Emulation.


The ONYX driver for the HP Designjet L65500 printer is available in standard editions of ONYX ProductionHouse Version 7.2 software purchased after November 1, 2008. Registered users of ONYX ProductionHouse V7.2 software with licenses obtained prior to November 1, 2008 can purchase the driver from an ONYX Authorized Reseller. The driver is available at no cost to ONYX ProductionHouse V7.2 software users with an ONYX Premium Service Agreement (Americas only). Registered users of ONYX PosterShop® V7.2 software and ONYX GamaPrint(TM) Pro V7.2 software can also purchase the driver from an ONYX Authorized Reseller. The driver is not available for purchase by users of ONYX RipCenter(TM) or ONYX GamaPrint SE software products.

Registered users can download the driver and profiles from the Profile Download Client included in Version 7.2 of ONYX workflow software, as well as from the ONYX web site at www.onyxgfx.com/.

For more information or to locate an ONYX Authorized Reseller, visit www.onyxgfx.com/ or call 800-828-0723 (international +1-801-954-5380).

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