OnSSI Names 3D Technology Solution Partner

Feeling Software Verified as OnSSI Technology Partner

Pearl River, NY (August 17, 2010) − OnSSI today announced that Feeling Software of Montreal, Canada has been added to the company's list of Verified Technology Partners as OnSSI's first 3D graphic solution provider partner. The designation signifies that Feeling Software's advanced Omnipresence 3D technology is currently operating in a successful integration solution with OnSSI's Ocularis Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform. The Omnipresence 3D integrates a 3D facility map of the interior and exterior of a facility with live and archived video feeds to allow monitoring in a more natural way and maximize situational awareness through video.

"Delivering interoperable technology that meets customer needs for video and data management is our prime objective at OnSSI," said Mulli Diamant, Vice President of Sales, OnSSI. "Software solutions from OnSSI and Feeling Software can help reduce complexities of multiple camera viewing and allow customers to focus on the big picture."

OnSSI's networked video software has already been implemented with Omnipresence 3D software at Strategic Operations, Inc. (ST/OPS) in San Diego to enhance their unique tactical military training. The company stages military enactments involving Hollywood-style special effects and actors playing enemy combatants, all captured by 30 cameras set up in a simulated Afghan village. The combination of OnSSI and Omnipresence 3D provides an information fusion that is rapidly understood by the soldiers being trained.

Omnipresence 3D is a top-level visualization and decision-making security platform for live security monitoring, investigation, and planning. Omnipresence 3D enables control-room operators to make intuitive use of large-scale, complex security infrastructure. Working with standard security hardware and software, Omnipresence 3D unifies all security information into an easily-understood 3D map interface.

"Combining the intuitively visual 3D map interface of Omnipresence 3D with the live and archived video from Ocularis with provides a solution with an impressive level of situational awareness. This is key to maintaining security in critical applications such as airports, seaports, and city-wide security," said Christian Laforte, President and CEO, Feeling Software.

For more information on OnSSI, call 845-732-7900, e-mail info@onssi.com or visit www.onssi.com.

About Feeling Software

Feeling Software develops advanced security technology for improved public safety and private security. Since 2005, Montreal-based Feeling Software has applied its expertise in mission-critical 3D applications for technology leaders such as Google, the Canadian Space Agency, and Sony in the security, geospatial and simulation fields. Feeling Software maintains an open partnership strategy - see the growing list of our technology partners. www.feelingsoftware.com

About OnSSI
With over 30,000 installations around the world and more citywide deployments than any other video surveillance software solution, OnSSI is the choice of security and IT professionals. OnSSI's solutions fit needs of all sizes and enable users to choose best-of-breed components, grow with their needs over time and increase productivity and efficiency in order to help security professionals keep their facilities safer more easily.

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