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Providing insight into online survey information, TrueSample enables researchers to measure and prevent biases. Program charts overall panel tenure mix for survey respondents, along with how frequently individual respondents take surveys. Detailed reporting gives users transparency into, and control over, quality of sample sources, assuring that critical business decisions are based on high-quality marketing research data.

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MarketTools TrueSample Sets New Standard for Sample Quality Transparency

New Version of Data Quality Solution Provides Deepest Levels of Insight into Online Survey Information through Enhanced Feature Set

SAN FRANCISCO, -- MarketTools, Inc., the leading provider of software and services for market research and enterprise feedback management (EFM), today announced a new version of TrueSample, the research industry's most widely used online data quality solution, that gives researchers unprecedented visibility into key characteristics of their survey respondents so they can measure and prevent biases caused by panelist tenure and response frequency.

This new version of TrueSample charts overall panel tenure mix for survey respondents, along with how frequently individual respondents take TrueSample-enabled surveys, providing insight into how tenure on a panel and survey-taking frequency affect research results. In addition, the new version of TrueSample includes detailed reporting that gives users unprecedented transparency into, and control over, the quality of their sample sources, therefore assuring that critical business decisions are based on high-quality marketing research data.

"At Opinionology, conducting online research thoughtfully and transparently with our research panels is a top priority. We chose to fully integrate TrueSample because it provides our clients greater visibility into the quality of sample across multiple sources," said Bob Fawson, Vice President of Online Services at Opinionology. "TrueSample is already increasing clients' ability to measure and improve the quality of their research, and this new version adds depth to the TrueSample solution."

Some of the anchor features of this latest version of TrueSample include:

-- Panel Tenure Balance Reporting: The length of time that a respondent has served on a panel can affect how he or she responds to certain types of survey questions. To help understand and measure the impact of respondent tenure on research results, TrueSample now tracks panelist join dates and provides charts showing the overall panel tenure mix for all of the respondents in any given survey. Users can also filter by sample source to see the tenure for respondents from each sample source.

-- Response Frequency Balance Reporting: Knowing how often individual respondents take surveys can be useful information for interpreting the responses to particular survey questions. To help understand and measure how respondents' response frequency affect research results, TrueSample reports now provide users with charts showing the overall response activity for all respondents in a survey. Users can also filter by sample source.

-- Detailed Response-Level Reporting and Export: In addition to seeing aggregate data for TrueSample validation results in a survey, our clients were interested in seeing respondent-level detail and the reasons each respondent is considered "valid" or "invalid" by TrueSample. With this in mind, users can now export response-level detail for each survey and share that information with others, including sample suppliers or end clients.

-- Customized Validation Process by Sample Source: Researchers often blend multiple sample sources for a given survey, and some of those sources may not have validated their panels through the TrueSample process prior to the survey. To enable our clients to handle each sample source differently depending on its unique needs, TrueSample now lets users set survey validation preferences by sample source. This means that, for some sample sources, users can collect and validate respondents' names and addresses upon survey access, but disable this feature for other sample sources used in the same survey.

"Our latest version of TrueSample responds to our clients' requests for increased reporting detail, as well as more flexible testing and validation options," said John Ouren, EVP and General Manager of Panels and Communities at MarketTools, Inc. "Armed with the greater transparency TrueSample now provides into the quality of sample from each sample source, our clients can be even more confident in the decisions they make based on online research."

The Patent-Pending MarketTools TrueSample Technology

MarketTools TrueSample is the research industry's premier online data quality solution that improves the quality of online research by identifying and removing fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples.

MarketTools TrueSample combines powerful validation, fingerprinting and engagement modeling into one comprehensive technological solution that ensures that survey respondents are:

Real--TrueSample uses extensive third-party databases to guarantee that all prospective panelists are who they say they are;

Unique--TrueSample ensures that no respondent can take a survey twice by eliminating both overlaps (panelists in multiple panels) and duplicates (panelists who sign up in one panel more than once);

Engaged--TrueSample's award-winning panelist engagement technology removes speeders and straight-liners, in real time, and provides quantified feedback on survey design via TrueSample SurveyScore(TM).

More than 100 customers are already benefitting from TrueSample, including some of the world's largest consumer packaged goods companies. TrueSample has already been adopted by multiple survey platforms, research companies, sample suppliers and research clients for whom quality is a priority.

About MarketTools, Inc.

MarketTools is the leading provider of software and services for market research and enterprise feedback management (EFM). The company is focused on providing leading organizations the actionable customer insights they need to make better business decisions that lead to high-value business impact. As the first company to make online surveys widely available on the Web, MarketTools continues its market leading position by providing the broadest range of powerful, accurate and integrated customer insight technologies that empower companies to become the most customer-centric organizations in their industries. MarketTools' premier portfolio of technology-based insight brands includes CustomerSat(TM),, TrueSample®, Zoomerang®, ZoomPanel® and ZoomPanel Tech(TM). MarketTools is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in San Francisco and European headquarters in London. For more information, please visit:

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