Ondrives Precision Leadscrews

Ondrives Ltd offer a range of precise leadscrew assemblies from the linear motion section of their mechanical drive components catalogue.

The range ranges from a general purpose nut and leadscrew combination to two different types of anti-backlash assemblies as well as a high load, high backlash unit.

The general purpose nut is a self-lubricating acetal part which offers the secure mounting and convenience of a circular nut as standard. The 303 stainless steel TFE coated leadscrew is ideal for applications where anti-backlash and wear compensation is not required and provides effective power transmission at minimum cost whilst the nut offers longevity and self-lubrication.

The two anti-backlash assemblies are both precision units, again with self-lubricating acetal nuts and a 303 stainless steel TFE coated leadscrew offering extended life as standard. The KHD unit is available as standard with a screw diameter of 9.53mm and the metric leads range from 1.4 up to 25mm. These are available in lengths of either 300mm or 600mm. The ZBX version has more screw diameters available, ranging from 6.35mm to 15.88 mm, and is designed for operations requiring precise positional accuracy and repeatability, with minimum cost. The patented self-lubricating polyacetal nut is radially preloaded onto the 303 stainless screw which offers exceptional torque consistency and repeatability when traversing in either direction. It is ideally suited for applications requiring noise or vibration control.

The high backlash nut and leacscrew assemblies provide the maximum load carrying capacity and the highest axial and radial stiffness of any of the Ondrives' nut assemblies. They are designed for smooth, quiet operation and long life, and provide low drag torque by machine use of the axial take-up mechanism. Traditional drag and wear associated with high pre-load forces are eliminated with this series, the company states.

Written by Amanda Howitt of Ondrives Ltd

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