On-Site TPH in Soil Measurements in less than 10-15 Minutes with Portable Infrared Analyzers

East Norwalk, CT - On-site analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) concentration levels in soil are easily handled using the InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers manufactured by Wilks Enterprise, Inc. The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers are portable infrared (IR) analyzers that quickly determine TPH levels in less than 10-15 minutes, including the extraction. Concentrations as low as 10 ppm to well over 10,000 - 20,000 ppm can be easily and accurately measured. Models are available for use with various extracting solvents such as S-316, hexane and perchloroethylene.

InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers are ideal for soil testing at remediation sites such as leaking underground storage tanks and produced water evaporation ponds. Site managers can obtain on-site measurements and eliminate the need to wait for off-site lab results and save costly down time for remediation equipment.

InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers are portable (weighing under 5 lbs and operable from a 12 volt power supply) and read out directly in parts per million (ppm) or mg/kg. Sampling requires a few simple steps and can be performed by non-technical personnel.

For further information on the InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers for TPH in Soil Remediation, please contact:

Wilks Enterprise, Inc., 25 Van Zant Street, Ste. 8F,

E. Norwalk, CT 06855

TEL: 203-855-9136; FAX: 203-838-9868;

Email: info@wilksir.com;

or the information can be downloaded from the Wilks website:

About Wilks Enterprise, Inc.

Headquartered in E. Norwalk, Connecticut, Wilks Enterprise specializes in easy-to-use, portable mid-infrared analyzers for specific measurement applications. All Wilks analyzers have been specifically designed for on-site use by non-technical personnel and are used for a wide variety of applications in the biofuels, environmental, petrochemical, quality control, and manufacturing industries. These portable analyzers enable analytical measurements to be made in the field, helping to eliminate the wait for off-site lab results.

For further press information or images, please contact Carol Tunick, VP - Marketing, at 203-855-9136 or email: ctunick@wilksir.com.

InfraCal and Wilks are trademarks of Wilks Enterprise, Inc.

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