On-Machine Broaching Lowers Costs/Expands Opportunities for Aerospace, Defense and Medical Contractors

Fastener manufacturers face more competition than ever as the economic contraction squeezes the supply base. All shops are facing pressure to reduce costs and find new opportunities in Aerospace, Defense, Medical and other markets. Fastener manufacturers who rely on CNC lathes and screw machines can reduce costs by using the HexMaster(TM) broaching process to machine ID or OD Hex, Torx, Spline or other complex shapes, in seconds, on most CNC lathes, without additional setups or secondary operations. While this time-saving technology is not new, many manufacturing engineers are unaware that their CNC lathe can be used to make these complex shapes. For these shops, Schlitter Tool's HexMaster(TM) on-machine broaching technology has opened new markets and substantially reduced costs, making them more competitive and more profitable. As an example, a ½ inch hex, spline, double square, or other shape can be cut into the ID of a steel fastener in 3-4 seconds, machining a high quality shape that meets the most stringent quality standards. This technology is perfect when the part requires an ID shape to drive the fastener or an OD shape that cannot be made by using hex stock (typical in Aerospace parts). Besides fastener manufacturers, many other parts (including milled parts) can benefit from the spline-making ability of this tooling. Feeds start at .004 to .010 IPR and Speeds range from 800 to 2000 RPM.

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