On Behalf of Our Team of Vacuum Specialists We Would Like to Take this Opportunity to Introduce you to Cacejen Vacuum Inc.


On behalf of myself and our team of vacuum specialists, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Cacejen Vacuum Inc. Cacejen is a California based woman owned and operated supplier of high vacuum flanges, fittings, adapters and valves. The three individual series begin at KF-10 to KF50, CF16 to CF350 and ISO63 to ISO-500. Cacejen also fabricates unique vacuum technology components when provided with specifications and drawings.  We have been offering these items for four and a half years with no complaints. Our first customers remain loyal and satisfied.

Cacejen introduced a line of two stage, oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps three years ago. There are seven models with sizes ranging from 3.8 to 63.5 CFM. We have yet to receive a single complaint and have not had to complete any repairs. Our prices are approximately 50% lower than the better known brands of vane pumps.

Building upon the great success of the vane pump, we are now introducing a line of two stage, rotary piston pumps of the triplex design. We currently offer two sizes, a 130 CFM and a 320 CFM unit. The end vacuum capability reaches 5x10-4 Torr.

These pumps are offered below 50% of the cost of the well-established known brands of piston pump triplex technology.  We maintain stock on both models at our warehouse. There are always pumps available for a 30 day no obligation test and evaluation. We own approximately 10,000 square feet of office and warehouse space and have experienced technical application engineers on site to help with sizing, application and selection.

We thank you for your consideration and invite you to visit our website at www.cacejen.com. If you have any questions or desire additional information, please contact us at any time by calling 1-855-296-3550.


Caitlin Mathey

42225 Remington Ave, Temecula, CA 92591 | T: 951-296-3550 | F: 951-296-3588 l C 414-699-4280


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