Olympus and Hamamatsu Sign Distribution Agreement

Center Valley, PA, April 16, 2007- Olympus America Inc. has signed an agreement with Hamamatsu Corporation for distribution of the Nanozoomer Digital Pathology system in the United States and Canada.

The Nanozoomer is a virtual microscopy system that quickly delivers automated, high throughput slide scanning with outstanding image quality. Olympus offers a comprehensive family of imaging-based systems and solutions for the pathology suite.

Manufactured by Hamamatsu, Nanozoomer allows researchers to do fast, accurate slide scanning for analysis, publication or archiving. With the click of a button, up to 210 slides are automatically scanned at 20x or 40x using three 4096 x 64 pixel Time Delay and Integration (TDI) CCD imaging sensors. The end result is a high-quality virtual slide in about four minutes.

Large numbers of tissue slides can be scanned automatically and completed overnight, with virtual slides ready for study in the morning. Once captured, each entire slide is easily viewed on a large, high-resolution monitor, allowing the observation of a larger area than the microscope's field of view. Digitizing slides allows archiving without specimen degradation, glass breakage or other problems, and permits the same tissue specimen to be re-evaluated in subsequent studies. Nanozoomer is compatible with a variety of third-party analysis packages.

The agreement is effective immediately. For more information, contact Olympus America Inc. at 1-800-455-8236; visit www.olympusamerica.com/microscopes or email [email protected].

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