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Oil Split Cleaner removes difficult-to-emulsify oils.

Press Release Summary:

Safe Scrub® OS lifts oil from iron and steel parts and then floats oil residue to liquid surface for removal from tank by oil skimmer or coalescing filter. Used as stand-alone cleaner or pre-cleaner, product is effective on mineral oil grinding coolants, drawing and stamping lubes, and hydraulic oils as well as water soluble/synthetic fluids and surface soils. Normal cleaning cycle calls for 5-10 min soak at 120 to 150°F.

Original Press Release:

New Safe Scrub® OS Oil Split Cleaner From Birchwood Casey Lifts Oils From Parts And Has Extended Working Life

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Eden Prairie, Minnesota: Safe Scrub® OS split cleaner from Birchwood Casey is designed for use in heavy-duty cleaning applications to remove oils and surface soils that are difficult to emulsify. Safe Scrub OS effectively lifts oil from iron and steel parts, then floats the oil residue to the liquid surface for removal from the tank by an oil skimmer or coalescing filter, thereby maximizing the working life of the cleaning solution.

Most water soluble or synthetic machining fluids are easily emulsified and are best removed with a cleaner that emulsifies them and holds them in suspension. By contrast, heavier mineral oils, waxes and drawing lubricants are very difficult to emulsify and they shorten the working life of an emulsifying cleaner. In these cases, it is better to displace oil from the parts rather than emulsify it. This is where Safe Scrub OS can offer benefits to the user. By displacing these tough oils off the parts and floating them to the liquid surface, the cleaner doesn't have to emulsify them and its job is easier. The oil residue floats to the surface of the liquid and is removed from the tank by means of an oil skimmer or a coalescing filter. The end result is longer working life of the cleaner and less oil in the drain, without sacrificing cleaning efficiency and oil removal.

The Safe Scrub OS cleaner effectively removes mineral oil grinding coolants, drawing and stamping lubes, hydraulic oils as well as water soluble/synthetic fluids. It can be used as a stand-alone cleaner after metalworking operations, or as a pre-cleaner prior to black oxide coating. Supplied as a liquid concentrate, Safe Scrub OS contains biodegradable surfactants, mixes instantly with water and contains no EPA regulated metals. The normal cleaning cycle calls for a 5-10 minute soak at 120-150° F.

Safe Scrub OS offers manufacturers another cost-cutting tool by maintaining high level cleaning, without pollution or worker safety hazards, while minimizing the amount of product required to do the job.

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