Oil Removal System can treat 100 gal tank in 1 hr.

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Zebra Snapdragon(TM) is available with removable 36 in. high, 20 gal holding tank assembly that simplifies cleaning and guards against contamination. Its tank can be emptied in less than 1 min using siphon capability, and its design allows operator to remove pure oil without wasting coolant. Skimmer digests dirty coolant and tramp oils through intake hose, collecting unwanted contaminants in upper part of holding tank. Clean coolant is returned from bottom of tank.

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Zebra Snapdragon(TM) Now Available With Removable Tank Assembly For Ease Of Maintenance

Cleveland, OH, August 8, 2002 - Zebra Skimmers Corporation, a full line manufacturer of oil skimmers and coolant maintenance equipment, announced today that the Zebra Snapdragon(TM) portable oil removal system is now available with a removable 36-inch high, 20-gallon holding tank assembly. This improved feature simplifies cleaning and guards against contamination, especially in machine shops using more than one type of metalworking fluid.

According to Mr. Steve Davidian, president of Zebra Skimmers, "We listened to the needs of our customers and responded with a tank that can be emptied in less than one minute using its convenient siphon capability."

The unique design of the Zebra Snapdragon(TM) allows the operator to remove pure oil without wasting any coolant. The skimmer digest dirty coolant and tramp oils through its intake hose and collects all unwanted contaminants in the upper part of the holding tank. Clean coolant is returned from the bottom of the tank. A 100-gallon tank can be treated in approximately one hour.

The Zebra Snapdragon(TM) extends coolant life, optimizes coolant performance, eliminates foul odors and coolant rancidity and reduces disposal costs. The skimmer features a heavy-duty steel caster system and double-diaphragm air-pump that is superior to centrifugal pumps in its ability to transfer oil and water without mixing the two.

Because the Zebra Snapdragon(TM) is portable, up to twenty machines can be serviced with a single system, thus eliminating downtime and the need for multiple skimmers.

Zebra Skimmers Corp. offers a variety of floating and fixed skimming attachments that enable their equipment to accommodate almost any application. "The Zebra Snapdragon(TM) adapts easily to just about any situation," states Davidian.

Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, Zebra Skimmers Corporation is dedicated to providing customers with quality coolant maintenance products made with the best USA parts whenever available. Zebra Skimmers Corporation guarantees most products for at least one year and some forever.

For more information on the improved Zebra Snapdragon(TM) or to request a comprehensive product catalog, contact Zebra Skimmers at 888-249-4855 or visit the Company's Web site at www.ZEBRA-US.com.

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