Oil Mist/Smoke Filter reduces dangers caused by pollutants.

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Designed to collect machinery-generated mist and smoke, Filtermist FX-Series comes in 4 sizes from 275-1200 cfm. Flexible design enables various mounting possibilities, including directly to top of machine tool, on stand, or suspended from factory ceiling. In addition to heavy-duty, 3-phase motor, features include vibration control and curved drum vanes. Air flow is automatically regulated, as machine doors close to keep correct negative pressure inside enclosure.

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Reduce Health, Accident & Fire Risks!!

Any form of pollution is potentially dangerous to personnel. Oil/Coolant mist creates slippery surfaces which increase accident rates. Oil/Coolant deposits create a serious fire risk by allowing fires to spread quickly.

For over 30 years, the Royal Filtermist has been effectively collecting mist and smoke generated by all types of machinery. There are currently over 150,000 Filtermist units operating in over 40 countries worldwide, making Filtermist the world's leading mist collector.

Throughout its history, the Royal Filtermist has undergone continuous design improvements. The latest version, the Filtermist FX-Series, is the product of extensive computer-aided modeling and laboratory testing.

The Royal Filtermist is available in four sizes ranging from 275 - 1200 cfm, and its flexible design enables it to be mounted in a variety of ways, including: directly to the top of a machine tool, on a stand, or suspended from a factory ceiling. Maintenance and operating costs of the Royal Filtermist are minimal.

All Royal Filtermist units are sold with a 45-day risk-free performance guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

For further information on the Royal Filtermist, please call 1-800-645-4174 or go to: www.mistcollectors.com

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