OEM Marking Kit Equipment Overview

Laser Photonics is an industry leader in manufacturing and sales of fiber and CO2 laser OEM kits. These lasers are used primarily by companies who integrate them into their own products for ultimate resale to their end users.

The i-Series Fiber Laser was specifically designed for maintenance-free OEM applications and Integration into conveyer lines.

Fiber-to-fiber architecture means a robust, monolithic design with no optics to align or maintain, no mechanics to stabilize, and with the focusable power and high power densities needed for the most demanding applications.

Main Features:

State-of-the-art, Air-Cooled, Ytterbium Q-Switched Fiber Laser for marking on virtually any material (metals, plastics, ceramics; etc.)

This Marking Kit has two scanning heads working simultaneously (master-slave configuration) which doubles the speed of the marking process. This could be very useful for marking a large quantity of parts with the same pattern.

Integrated Design with laser, laser control and power supplies in one box for each of the two scan heads

Designed for maintenance-free Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications

PC with user-friendly software supplied

Excellent beam quality (M2=1.4)-TEM00 beam profile

Greater than 50,000 hours maintenance-free operation

Low voltage power source (110/220 VAC) requirements

Flexible cable beam delivery system

Possibility to operate without a PC. In this case, the marking pattern is saved on the multimedia memory card.

Built-in I/O for integration into a production line or other equipment..

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