OCR Software reads wafer IDs during manufacturing process.

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Trained to read SEMI-OCR, IBM, CANON, and OCR-A/B fonts, NeoCharisis(TM) can read low contrast, degraded, and partially obscured characters as well as those that reside on patterned backgrounds and suffer from uneven illumination. It is suited for applications that add OCR functionality to PC-based automation equipment; reside on host PCs that support multiple Firewire or USB2.0 camera-based read stations; or provide centralized processing for Auto ID architectures composed of networked cameras.

Original Press Release:

PC-Compatible Software Provides Developers of Vision-Integrated Equipment and Auto ID Applications with a New Optical Character Recognition Option

CAMBRIDGE, Mass - The Value Engineering Alliance, a leading provider of machine vision solutions, introduces NeoCharisis(TM), exceptionally robust industrial OCR software that provides reliable reading of wafer IDs throughout semiconductor manufacturing processes, while also addressing certain difficult OCR applications in several other industrial arenas.

NeoCharisis provides remarkable levels of reading performance, even when characters are of very low contrast, degraded, partially obscured, reside on complex patterned backgrounds, suffer from uneven illumination or display other undesirable yet often unavoidable characteristics. However, NeoCharisis cannot be used as a general-purpose OCR engine because its outstanding accuracy and repeatability under adverse conditions are achieved by sacrificing some flexibility. Specifically, it is only trained to read the SEMI-OCR, IBM and CANON fonts in which wafer IDs are commonly marked, as well as more widely used ANSI standard OCR-A and OCR-B fonts. This does not represent a problem because, in situations that require NeoCharisis' capabilities, the systems and equipment typically used to mark alphanumeric information on manufactured parts and packaged goods can usually produce characters in one or more of these fonts.

Currently deliverable as a C/C++ API (DLL) or ActiveX control, and soon to be available in a Microsoft.Net version, NeoCharisis is ideal for applications that: add OCR functionality to PC-based automation equipment; reside on host PCs that support multiple Firewire or USB2.0 camera-based read stations; or provide the centralized processing for extensive automatic identification architectures composed of networked (Ethernet) cameras.

NeoCharisis was originally developed to serve as the OCR component in multifunctional wafer identification systems capable of reading BC412 bar codes, ECC200 Data Matrices and alphanumeric IDs. It is also appropriate for automatic reading of information that has been machine-marked on read/write heads, printed circuit boards, substrates, electronic components and carriers, glass lenses/molds/containers, medical/dental devices and instruments, automotive or aerospace components, artificial joints/limbs and packaged goods, consistent with identifying, matching, sorting, tracking, or verifying these products as they move through various manufacturing or laboratory processes.

For additional information, visit http//www.The-V-E-A.com, email MarcelVEA@aol.com or call (877) 270-4410.

About The Value Engineering Alliance
Established in July of 1987, THE VALUE ENGINEERING ALLIANCE specializes in the conceptualization, development, marketing, selling, and implementation of machine vision solutions that lower the overall costs of laboratory and industrial manufacturing operations (analysis, assembly, inspection, test, control, identification, etc.) while achieving equivalent or enhanced levels of system/process performance and reliability.

Renowned as the supplier of application-specific vision software libraries used by several of the vision industry's premier players to enhance their existing offerings or expand into new application arenas, The VEA has been equally successful as a supplier of vision software and systems used in numerous industries by OEMs, system developers/integrators and automation engineers inside end user organizations. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), the VEA operates worldwide via its extensive network of allied organizations and individuals. For additional information about the VEA's activities and areas of expertise, visit www.The-V-E-A.com.

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