Nylon Additive provides scratch resistance.

Press Release Summary:

Suitable for injection molders and sheet extruders seeking more resilient surfaces to extend life of products, SOLID-TT™ Additive optimizes resistance to marring from polishing or impact of abrasive particles. Unlike solvent-based hard coats, addition of SOLID-TT occurs throughout polymer matrix, which means it does not suffer from localized rub-off. Added at 1%, product provides Pencil Hardness to H in Nylon-6, up from HB without additive, and to HB in Nylon-12, up from 3B without additive.

Original Press Release:

TenasiTech Releases Nylon Anti-scratch Additive, SOLID-TT(TM)

BOSTON, -- TenasiTech is pleased to announce the launch of nylon additive, SOLID-TT™, for greatly improved resistance to scratch and mar damage. Injection molders and sheet extruders seek more resilient surfaces to extend the life of their products, and maintain aesthetics for their customers. The solution to this problem has been painting or hard coating until now, but these require extra processing steps and thus increased cost of manufacture.

CEO, Richard Marshall, said, "We offer a great option for scuff resistant plastics in markets where hard-coating is just too costly. The SOLID-TT™ additive for nylon is unique, and opportunities abound for many engineering thermoplastics."

A product summary is available to be downloaded here.

SOLID-TT™ added at 1% has delivered excellent performance, such as:

Nylon-6: Pencil Hardness to H (up from HB without additive), and significant improvement to sandpaper wear tests.

Nylon-12: Pencil Hardness to HB (up from 3B without additive), 45% higher according to the Erichsen Scratch, dramatically improved appearance after friction/wiping tests, such as Crockmaster.

Nylon-6: 41% increase in strain at break, and toughness increase of 34%.

Richard Marshall, CEO of TenasiTech, commented that, "This is true reinforcement of the polymer, and not simply a lubricant or other migrating additive. So there are no issues with surface rub-off or long-term durability. What is more, unlike hard-coating, sheets can be thermoformed with the SOLID-TT™ included. The options for the designers of plastic products are unlimited!"

TenasiTech operates globally, with facilities in the USA and Australia. The company owns a number of granted patents, and patent applications.

Media enquiries:

TenasiTech: Richard Marshall, CEO, +1 518 572 8572 or richard@tenasitech.com

About TenasiTech www.tenasitech.com

TenasiTech is an additives company with the goal of solving the most difficult of problems for thermoplastics. The company designs and markets nano-additives, such as including SOLID-TT™ which addresses mar and scuffing of nylons and acrylic polymers). In external tests, PMMA with SOLID-TT™ first shows damage at 7H pencil hardness.

TenasiTech operates globally, with facilities in Boston, USA and Brisbane, Australia. The company owns a number of granted patents, and patent applications. These underlying patents were first developed at The University of Queensland, Australia. Seed-funding was subsequently provided by the Australian investors Uniseed, Brisbane Angels and Melbourne Angels.

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