NVMe 2.5 in. U.2 SSD Adapters ensure full read/write speed.

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Directly connecting NVMe 2.5 in. U.2 SSD to PCIe 4-lane slot, NVMe 2.5 in. U.2 SSD PCIe adapter consists of PCIe 4X add-on-card with 68-pin SFF-8639 female connector. SFF-8643 PCIe 4X adapter connects 2.5 in. NVMe U.2 (SFF-8639) SSD to PCIe 4-lane slot in system via SFF-8643 cable. Installed into M2 PCIe SSD socket to turn it into SFF-8643 connector, M2 SFF-8643 converter enables NVMe 2.5 in. U.2 SSD to be attached to system PCI BUS via M2 PCIe SSD socket using SFF-8639 to SFF-8643 cable.

Original Press Release:

Addonics Announces Adapter Family for High Performance 2.5

SAN JOSE, CA – Addonics Technologies www.addonics.com today announced a family of adapters for NVMe 2.5" U.2 SSDs, which ensure full READ/WRITE speed by directly connecting the SSD to a 4-lane PCIe 3.0 slot.

The family includes NVMe 2.5" U.2 SSD PCIe adapter; SFF-8643 PCIe 4X adapter, and M2 SFF-8643 converter.

The NVMe 2.5" U.2 SSD PCIe adapter is a PCIe 4X add-on-card with a 68-pin SFF-8639 female connector on board to directly connect a NVMe 2.5” U.2 SSD to a PCIe 4-lane slot. No cables are needed. It is a simple solution for installing the U.2 SSD into desktop or server equipment.

The SFF-8643 PCIe 4X adapter is designed for connecting the high performance 2.5" NVMe U.2 (SFF-8639) SSD to a PCIe 4-lane slot in a system via a SFF-8643 cable, which allows installation of U.2 SSDs into various types of drive bays. The adapter is a flexible solution for installing NVMe U.2 SSDs into standard height or low profile systems.

The M2 SFF-8643 converter is a small adapter that is designed to install into a M2 PCIe SSD socket and turn it into a SFF-8643 connector. This converter enables the NVMe 2.5” U.2 SSD to be attached to the system PCI BUS via a M2 PCIe SSD socket using the SFF-8639 to SFF-8643 cable.

Addonics NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) adapters and converters all use PCI Express lanes to transmit data, providing speeds well in excess of SATA. Most SSDs have peak bandwidth well above what SATA can handle. This gives flash devices a huge performance boost so they can deliver their full potential and no longer be slowed down by a storage stack, which was primarily designed for slow spinning disks.

There are no software drivers to install with Addonics new adapters. List price of NVMe 2.5” U.2 PCIe adapter is $35.99. For more information see: http://www.addonics.com/category/25nvm.php.

About Addonics Technologies
Addonics manufactures and markets a broad line of internal/external, mobile storage and industrial rated SSD products. Addonics products are available through the company online store www.shopaddonics.com, major catalog companies, resellers, VARs and distributors, including Amazon.com, PC Connection, CDW, Buy.com, Provantage.com, Insight, and Ingram Micro.

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