Nurses Nationwide Respond to the IVEA: "I Wish I'd Thought of That!"

Healthcare Providers Find Sleek Solution to Patient-Mobility Challenge in Firefly Medical's Edison-Award Winning IVEA™

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Following a successful product launch at the American Organization of Nurse Executives Conference and Safe Patient Handling Mobility Conference, along with a Silver Medal win at the 2015 Edison Awards, Firefly Medical Inc. is responding to healthcare providers across the country who see the significant benefit of the IVEA--patient-mobility equipment that makes it possible for one nurse to safely ambulate a patient.

The IVEA was designed to hold patient-care equipment bedside like an IV pole and support the patient during ambulation. Early and frequent ambulation has long been tied to improved patient outcomes. But with traditional equipment, it can take two or three nurses to safely mobilize a patient. Limited time and staff can make that difficult to accomplish, and "tippy" equipment can put patients and caregivers at risk of injury.

"We've been asking caregivers to meet the demands of modern healthcare with equipment that, in some cases, was designed more than a century ago," says Firefly Medical Co-founder Steve Schmutzer. "The IVEA was designed to improve mobility, safety and efficiency, enabling providers to bridge the gap between how things have been and how they need to be in a more patient-centered care environment."

Schmutzer, a former RN, developed the original idea for the product in response to the clinical challenges he experienced firsthand. The company worked with more than 150 clinicians to arrive at the sleek, ergonomic design that recently won a Silver Medal for design excellence and innovation at the 2015 Edison Awards and is now turning heads everywhere it's presented.

"As we're out in the market sharing the IVEA with hospital clinicians and administrators, the most common comment we get is, 'I wish I'd thought of that!'" says Firefly Sales Operations Manager Sean Pallotto. "My typical response is, 'You did. This equipment wouldn't exist without your insight and contribution.'"

Pallotto says that multiple U.S. healthcare systems are currently seeking to implement the IVEA in their med-surg units, and a European launch is planned. To learn more about the IVEA and Firefly Medical, visit or call (970) 472-5323.

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