Nurse Call System includes housekeeping feature.

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To optimize bed management and minimize patient wait times, Provider® 680 Nurse Call system enables attendant to press Housekeeping button on station to notify Housekeeping, via pager, that room is in need of cleaning. A PC in Housekeeping department displays room status as well, indicating which rooms are in need of service. Once the room has been cleaned, Housekeeping then presses Room Ready button, which sends page that room is available and updates room status on the PC.

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Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. Unveils New Housekeeping Feature for Nurse Call Systems

July 17, 2008

Chicago, IL - Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. reveals a new Housekeeping/Room Ready feature to be used in conjunction with the Provider® 680 Nurse Call system. The new feature was designed with the intent of improving communication and subsequently, bed management.

As a patient is transferred from a room or is discharged, an attendant presses the "Housekeeping" button on the station, which notifies Housekeeping, via pager, that a room is in need of cleaning. An associated PC within the Housekeeping department displays room status as well, indicating which rooms are in need of service. Once the room has been cleaned, Housekeeping then presses the "Room Ready" button, which sends a page that the room is available and also updates room status on the PC.

The ability to instantly notify other departments of room status eliminates extra steps that are typical with traditional nurse call systems. Commonly, rooms will be in need of cleaning yet Housekeeping will not have been notified. Alternatively, a room may have been cleaned but will remain unoccupied because Admissions is not aware that it is ready. Jeron's Housekeeping feature eliminates both of these scenarios, ensuring that space is being utilized to its utmost capacity. Instead of searching for an open room, staff members can allocate their time elsewhere. Additionally, the feature minimizes the amount of time that patients spend waiting for an available room, which increases patient flow.

Jeron is proud to offer the health care market the cutting-edge Provider® 680 nurse call system. The Provider 680, which is widely used in hospitals, is a sophisticated communication system that features IP connectivity. By streamlining the communication process, Provider 680 allows caregivers to stay in touch with their patients, and each other, while maintaining a strong focus on providing quality patient care. Jeron has created the Housekeeping feature to improve bed turnover and perpetuate the goal of enhancing workflow through a comprehensive nurse call system.

From its founding in 1965, Jeron has earned a solid reputation for innovative engineering, quality manufacturing and service oriented sales support. Jeron products are manufactured in the USA at its Chicago headquarters.

For more information regarding Provider 680, or any of Jeron's communication solutions, contact Jeron Electronic Systems Inc. at 1743-55 West Rosehill Drive, Chicago IL, 60660 Phone: 773-275-1900, 800-621-1903 Fax: 773-275-0283 E-mail: Web: or contact your regional sales manager.

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