NTE Electronics Offers Comprehensive Cable Tie Product Line

Bloomfield, NJ - NTE Electronics, Inc. has recently expanded its cable tie product line to now make it into a comprehensive one-stop-shop for meeting all your cable tie and accessory needs. From traditional nylon ties to reusable hook and loop ties, NTE offers these great new products in a variety of sizes & colors.

The complete line now includes:
o Standard ties, 18lb/40lb/50lb/120lb/175lb
o Mounting hole ties, 30lb and 50lb
o Low profile ties, 50lb and 120lb
o Releasable ties, 50lb
o Identification and Flag ties, 18lb and 50lb
o Push mount ties, 50lb
o Hook and loop (Velcro) ties, 33lb and 40lb
o Cable tie convenience packs
o Mounting pads
o Identification plates
o Mounts
o Cable Clamps
o Split Loom
o Cable tie Guns

For more information on NTE cable tie products, including a handy cross reference matrix, please visit www.nteinc.com/cable_ties.

NTE remains committed to offering their customers the widest range of products with unparalleled service. The company supplies the highest quality private label relays, semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, hook-up and speaker wire, heat shrink tubing, and switches, along with such well known brands as: Vishay/Spectrol-U.K., P.E.C.-Canada, KILO, Amphenol RF and Amphenol Connex, Kester, ECG®, Psiber CableTool(TM), CML-IT, Stancor, Provision(TM), Coast(TM), Plato®, Techspray® and ITW Dymon products.

For more information on NTE, visit www.nteinc.com. You'll have access to all NTE catalogs including technical specs and the extensive distributor network listings, as well as NTE's free download of the latest edition of the cross-reference software, QUICKCross(TM) - Version 13.0. For additional information, call 800-631-1250 or 973-748-5089


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