NTE Electronics Becomes Master Distributor of PLATO® Soldering Tools!

Bloomfield, NJ --- NTE Electronics, Inc. has become a master distributor of the Plato® line of high quality soldering tools. Plato is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips worldwide, producing replacement tips to fit all of the most popular soldering stations including Hakko®, Weller®, Pace®, Hexagon®, Ersa®, Edsyn® and many more.

Competitively priced, the Plato line offers high quality products that have been tested and proven to withstand harsh, lead-free soldering conditions and enhance productivity. The long life and fast heat recovery of Plato soldering tips increases user effectiveness and decreases production times. The tips are made of oxygen-free high conductivity copper and are iron-plated to resist erosion by solder to assure long life. They are constructed from highly premium grade copper to quickly transmit heat to the work. The quick heat recovery enables more joints to be soldered per minute, reducing the overall manufacturing time and costs.

Plato also manufactures several types of soldering pots. General Purpose Solder Pots control temperatures ±11 °F through the use of a thermal timer switch with automatic correction for voltage fluctuations. Precision Solder Pots exceed requirements of military specifications ANSI (J-STD -001B). These pots control temperatures to a ±5 °F of a preselected setting from ambient to 925 °F and have an LCD temperature display. All Plato soldering pots can be ordered with a porcelain coated crucible which is easy to clean and offers a long service life. Solder will not adhere to the corrosion-resistant porcelain surface.

NTE will stock the entire Plato line which consists of:
o Lead Free Soldering Tips
o Lead Free Desoldering Tips
o Cutters and Shears
o Soldering Pots
o Liquid Dispensers
o Sponges
o Solder Accessories

NTE offers a cross reference for all Plato Soldering and Desoldering Tips.

NTE's 40,000 square foot headquarters in Bloomfield, NJ houses, under one roof, all the essential services and inventory to continually supply electronic components to its worldwide network of authorized distributors. NTE's warehouse maintains a large inventory of each device to ensure a 98% fill rate and an average 24-hour shipping time.

NTE remains committed to offering their customers the widest range of products with unparalleled service. The company supplies the highest quality private label relays, semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, hook-up and speaker wire, heat shrink tubing, and switches, along with such well known brands as: Vishay/Spectrol-U.K., P.E.C.-Canada, KILO, Amphenol RF and Amphenol Connex, Kester, ECG®, Psiber CableTool(TM), CML-IT, Stancor, Provision(TM) and most recently Coast(TM) and Techspray®.

Visit www.nteinc.com. You'll have access to all NTE catalogs including technical specs and the extensive distributor network listings, as well as NTE's free download of the latest edition of our cross-reference software, QUICKCross(TM) - Version 13.0. For additional information, call 800-631-1250 or 973-748-5089

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