Nozzle Heater is suited for hot runner systems.

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THERMASLEEVE(TM) Hot Runner Nozzle Heater comes with rapid thermal response that allows heat to be created precisely where it is needed. Designed to have intimate contact with surface of nozzle which optimizes heat transfer, it features laser structuring to create customized temperature profile. Self-clamping electric heater can be installed and removed from nozzle with custom installation and removal tool, and accommodates thermocouple secured to external body of heater.

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Watlow's THERMASLEEVE Nozzle Heater Creates a Precise Temperature Profile for Hot Runner Systems

St. Louis, MO (October 22, 2007) - Watlow, a St. Louis-based provider of thermal solutions, introduces its new THERMASLEEVE(TM) hot runner nozzle heater. The THERMASLEEVE nozzle heater is a low profile, high-performance electric heater with rapid thermal response that allows the heat to be created precisely where it is needed.

Watlow's THERMASLEEVE nozzle heater was designed to have intimate contact with the surface of the nozzle, which optimizes heat transfer. This intimate contact combined with lower heater mass contributes to rapid thermal response to and from the nozzle tip. This helps reduce cycle times and ensures high quality final parts.

Watlow's patented heater manufacturing technology allows hot runner manufacturers to create precise temperature profiles beyond the limits of conventional heaters. This is accomplished using Watlow's proprietary laser structuring, which creates a customized temperature profile within the THERMASLEEVE heater. The result is improved viscosity control within the nozzle, leading to increased yield, quality and shot-to-shot consistency.

"Watlow's patented technology generates a repeatable thermal profile not only within a single batch but also from batch to batch," said Reiner Lehnert, business development manager. "Customers have been amazed by the consistent thermal profile from this product which leads to accurate temperature distribution across all of the nozzles on a hot runner system."

Watlow's THERMASLEEVE heater is easily installed and removed from the nozzle with a custom installation and removal tool. The heater is self-clamping, which ensures the heater is secured into position during operation. This easy installation and removal reduces down time for mold maintenance and could allow a heater to be reused. The THERMASLEEVE nozzle heater is also designed to accommodate a thermocouple secured to the external body of the heater. The heater is slotted to accommodate commercially available, off-the-shelf, thermocouples. This may mean that a thermocouple groove does not need to be machined into the nozzle.

Even with all of these features, the THERMASLEEVE hot runner nozzle heater has an extremely low profile. It offers high wattage in a smaller package at a comparable price to conventional nozzle heaters.

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Since the company's founding in 1922, Watlow has brought its thermal expertise to numerous applications, including power generation, semiconductor, plastics processing, foodservice equipment, life sciences, aerospace and others. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Watlow is the largest custom designer and manufacturer of industrial heaters, sensors, controllers and software with offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.

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