Now Supplying Solders/Wire, Babbitt Alloys, and Casting Alloys Release

Mars Metal is now supplying a wide range of wire (solid and flux cored). Our inventory includes:

• Pure lead wire

• Pure tin wire

• Lead-free wire

• Silver bearing wire

Our specialized wire solder is available in over 50 types and sizes in ¼ lb, ½ lb, 1lb, 5 lb, 20 lb, and 25lb spools by case lots. Also available upon request are 250 lb bulk fibre drums.

Mars Metal also supplies bar solders in various sizes and alloys.


Mars Metal is now supplying various grades of Babbitt alloys which include leaded, lead-free and nickel bearing. Our Babbitt alloys are available in bar and ingot form. Further, Mars Metal supplies custom and discontinued Babbitt alloys.


Mars Metal is now supplying over 25 standard casting alloys in bar and ingot form, including:

• Leaded

• Lead free

• Silver bearing

Mars Metal is happy to work with you on any custom requirements. Contact us to learn more.

4140 Morris Drive

Burlington, Ontario

L7L 5L6

Ph: 1-800-381-5335


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