NORSOK Approvals for Sandvik Duplex and Super-duplex Solid Bar

Sandvik has achieved NORSOK® certification for its duplex and new super-duplex solid bar opening up greater application opportunities as they all meet the exacting demands and standards of the oil gas industry.

Extensive work by Sandvik has resulted in the new NORSOK® M-630, Edition 6 accreditation being secured for duplex solid bar grades Sandvik SAF 2205™ and Sandvik SAF 2507™. Explains Sandvik Quality Engineer Erik Jansson, “The difference here is that we take two samples of the material from different locations in order to test and verify the microstructure.

“In our case, as an additional service to our customers, we take the second sample from the centre of the material to ensure homogeneity. We know this makes a difference to our customers who can depend on the consistent material characteristics of the bar without fail.”

NORSOK® approval has also been achieved for a new super-duplex grade, Sandvik SAF 32760™, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. Its use facilitates the manufacture of lighter components and more compact system designs with less welding. The material grade provides significant advantages in component manufacture particularly for oil and gas and subsea applications. Similarly, it can be used for components in chemical processing, pulp and paper, refineries and marine applications as well as in desalination plant.

Independent verification and approval of the manufacture and consistent quality of the new super-duplex bar, in accordance with the NORSOK® standard, was carried out by Aker Solutions of Norway. A member company of the NORSOK® committee, Aker Solutions is a leading global provider of products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry.

A pioneer in the development of duplex and super-duplex alloys, Sandvik has more than 30 years experience and employs rigorous quality controls throughout the production process to ensure the consistency of the material.

“Gaining the new NORSOK® approvals for our duplex and super-duplex grades means that our customers can be assured that the material consistency and quality is the same every time,” said Marcus Hillbom, Sandvik Technical Marketing Specialist. “This not only saves them time in terms of machine setup and component manufacture, but also in consistent and dependable performance characteristics of the finished product in some of the most demanding and aggressive applications in the world.”

As a leading producer of stainless steel and high alloy steel, Sandvik is always at the forefront of material research and development in order to provide its customers with the latest materials to deliver operational savings and plant efficiencies.

All Sandvik solid bar is supplied clearly marked to ensure full traceability in accordance with the NORSOK® standard and comes complete with the mill certification.

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