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Non-Toxic Cleaner targets wastewater system impurities.

Press Release Summary:

May 08, 2012 - Delivering double-strength dose of non-toxic cleaner, Orange Flush(TM) cleans fat, oil, and grease from wastewater lift stations, lines, and facilities. Biodegradable product also contains orange scent that helps decrease wastewater odors during warmer months; citrus additive does not use di-limeonene.

Fog Free Technologies - North Charleston, SC

Original Press Release

Orange Flush(TM) Puts Non-Toxic "Crush" on Florida Wastewater Systems With Affordable Eco-Solution

Press release date: May 04, 2012

Kissimmee, FL - In a state well-known for its orange produce, Florida wastewater system operators are now applying an affordable, citrus-scented product to help clean its facilities and protect the environment.

FOG Free Technologies (FFT) has announced the release of its Orange Flush(TM) product after months of successful field trials at Florida utilities. The product cleans fat, oil and grease from wastewater lift stations, lines and facilities with a double-strength dose of non-toxic cleaner. Orange Flush(TM) also contains an orange scent that utilities rely on to help decrease wastewater odors during warmer spring and summer months. FFT's citrus additive does not use di-limeonene, which has become too costly for many utilities to implement.

Orange Flush(TM) is one of a dozen FFT products that are non-toxic and bio-degradable. FFT products range from oil spill remediation, wastewater industry cleaners of fat, oil, grease and odor, to household cleaning supplies. FFT will roll out the product during the Florida Water Resources Conference April 30 - May 3 at its Expo Booth #701. Orange Flush(TM) field trials have produced outstanding results this spring in Oviedo, Melbourne, Leesburg and other Florida cities.

"Orange Flush is a cost-efficient alternative to the di-limonene degreaser and its non-toxic properties help keep our environment safe" said Jim Woodger of the City of Oviedo, FL. "The product works quickly to dissolve the FOG and keeps working downstream in the wastewater system."

Woodger said that because Orange Flush(TM) is a non-toxic product, it helps Oviedo meet customer expectations to work as stewards for the environment by using "green" solutions wherever possible.

FFT Vice President Doc Knight said cost savings with Orange Flush(TM) are proving to be an added value to utilities.

"Utilities face so many cost increases each year from new regulations to petroleum-related material costs," said Knight. "Orange Flush(TM) offers utilities a welcomed savings as well as performance and public appreciation."

About FOG Free Technologies (FFT) FFT is based in North Charleston, S.C. and its product formulas serve a variety of applications from crude oil spill remediation, wastewater utility cleaners of fat, oil, grease and odor, household cleaning products and more.

FFT product formulas are 100% toxin free and completely bio-degradable.

The company has two patents pending, one for its application process and the other for the actual product formulas. FFT is committed to long-term development of new product formulas that lower utility costs, protect equipment and facilities, and safeguard the environment for generations to come.