Non-Stiction Cylinders offer precise position sensing.

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Non-Stiction Cylinders Offer Precise Position Sensing

Airpot Corporation announces the addition of a position sensing option to its popular line of Airpel non-stiction air cylinder actuators. The company offers non-contact electronic switching sensors from Sick, Inc. using state-of-the-art GMR technology. These are the most precise and accurate magnetically activated cylinder sensors on the market. The addition of GMR sensing technology to the Airpel non-stiction cylinder line offers OEM designers an easy-to-install, secure, and reliable solution. For customers desiring electrical output of piston position, most Airpel models are offered with an optional switch-activating magnet on the piston, as well as one or more option aluminum tracks measuring 9.51mm wide and 6.83mm high, attached to the cylinder. The tracks are specially designed for easy, secure mounting of the Sick, Inc. position sensors which are offered separately. The sensors operate at 10-30 V DC and have repeatability of less than or equal to 0.2mm. Airpot stocks popular models of these extremely reliable GMR sensors with PNP or NPN output, along with matching accessory extension cables available in 2 and 5 meter lengths. OEM designers are assured safe and accurate feedback. A magnetic field has secondary maximum levels that can cause double switching behavior in Hall Effect and reed sensors. But GMR (Giant Magneto Resistive) technology is based on the measurement of the average strength of the magnetic field. This gives GMR sensors some important advantages over other types of sensors. GMR sensors greatly reduce the potential for troublesome double switching ensuring better accuracy. GMR sensors do not need to be adjusted to magnetic field polarity. With its compact profile, the GMR sensor chip is encased in a small, rugged plastic shell. The entire sensor can fit in a common soda straw less than 1.25 inches long. There is a small LED window in the shell to allow visible indication of the switching signal. Installation is easy, secure and user friendly. The Sick, Inc. GMR sensor is specially shaped to allow for easy installation in the Airpel T-slot aluminum track. The track comes permanently bonded along the entire length of the cylinder in the location desired when ordering sensor-ready Airpels.

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