Non-Exploding Fuel Cell Tanks for Military Vehicles; Manned and Unmanned

Whether manned or unmanned, ground-defense vehicles benefit significantly from ATL’s Safety Fuel Cell bladder tanks.  These tough, flexible fuel tanks deform on impact, suppress explosions with internal foam baffling, and can be coated for 7.62 self-sealing as well. Constructed of high-tensile rubberized fabrics, ATL’s fuel cell tanks cannot be dented, creased or vibration-cracked the way plastic and metallic tanks frequently are.

Automatic “upside-down” valves prevent fuel spillage in an overturn or collision, while internal “scavenging” systems allow fuel consumption down to the last drop.

As mentioned above, ATL’s fuel cells are filled with “safety-foam baffling” (per Mil-F-87260A) to defeat fuel surge and “slosh”, segregate incoming debris, prevent explosion, and allow the bladder to deform on impact without rupture.

ATL’s rugged fuel cell tanks are also widely used in trucks and trailers to transport gasoline, diesel, JP4 and other fuels in support of mobile communication systems, refueling of other vehicles, feeding power generators and moving fuel safely to remote locations.

To learn more or inquire about how ATL can supply your manned or unmanned project with flexible, lightweight fuel bladders, contact an ATL Sales Engineer at 800-526-5330, email, or visit


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