Non-Contact Laser Height Sensors are used for vehicle measurements.

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Designed to be fully operational on sand, gravel, snow, ice, and other surface conditions, Kistler Corrsys-Datron Type CHFA sensors are designed to support ride height, distance, as well as other static and dynamic vehicle measurement requirements. Measured values are provided as analog signals (0-10 V), RS-232C outputs, or CANBus messages. Offered in 3 models with working distances from 100-900 mm, series features sensing elements housed in anodized, corrosion-resistant aluminum package.

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Kistler Introduces Corrsys-Datron Non-Contact Optical Laser Height Sensors

Novi, Michigan, USA - Kistler (, a worldwide supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, has introduced the Kistler Corrsys-Datron Type CHFA family of non-contact optical laser height sensors, designed to support ride height, distance and other static and dynamic vehicle measurement requirements. Kistler Corrsys-Datron optical laser sensors work on the principle of optical triangulation. A visible red laser is focused onto the road surface. Reflected light is collimated onto a linear CCD array. The distance to the object is calculated from the light spot position on the CCD array, with sensor output directly proportional to the measured height, and measured values provided as either analog signals (0-10 V), RS-232C outputs or CANBus messages. Units are available in three unique models, with working distance ranges from 100 mm to 900 mm. Sensing elements are housed in a compact, anodized, corrosion-resistant aluminum package weighing just 155 grams (without cable). The sensors are designed to be fully operational on sand, gravel, snow, ice, and other surface conditions, and have minimal service and maintenance requirements. Ambient light differences also do not alter measured values, nor do surface colors nor textures. The performance attributes of these sensors allow them to be used to measure multiple vehicle ride height parameters such as instance uplift; pitch and roll angles; and pitch and roll rates, according to ISO 4138 (steady-state circular course drive). They may also be mounted to the wheel for dynamic tire flat spotting, spring deflection, tire deflection and wheel liftoff measurements, such as those encountered during NTSHA fishhook and other types of vehicle rollover testing. In addition, by placing two Type CHFA sensors at the wheel, a test engineer can further measure wheel camber angle dynamics. By mounting the sensors with the Correvit® SFII-P at the same holder, it is also possible to simultaneously measure sideslip angle and vehicle ride height relative to spring travel. Kistler Type CHFA sensors are directly compatible with Corrsys-Datron standard mounting equipment and are configured with CeCalWin Pro software via the RS232-C serial port. Associated software functions enable test parameters and definitions to be permanently saved, along with charts, plots and other online displays and evaluations. In addition, all measured signals can be saved and evaluated offline. For additional details and specifications, please contact Kistler North America toll-free (in the US & Canada) at 1-888-KISTLER, via email at or visit About Kistler North America: Kistler North America (, a Kistler group company, is a supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, as well as related electronics and software serving the automotive, aerospace, industrial, metal processing, plastic injection molding, R&D and testing & evaluation communities. Kistler products, ISO certified since 1994, are well recognized for performance, quality and reliability. Kistler Corrsys-Datron optical measurement technologies support vehicle parameters such as longitudinal speed and distance, lateral speed, slip angle, dynamic camber angle and ride height. In addition to optical sensors, CDS offers measurement steering wheels, fuel flow meters, custom accelerometers and gyro modules, wheel positioning systems, pedal force measurements, data acquisition devices, GPS systems, microwave speed sensors and mounting solutions. Use of CDS optical speed sensors in combination with Kistler wheel force transducers allows for state-of-the-art measurement capabilities, not available outside of Kistler group companies. These unique technologies allow Kistler customers to receive complete turnkey vehicle measurement solutions from a single source. K-Beam®, PiezoStar®, PiezoBeam® and CORREVIT® are registered trademarks of Kistler. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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