Non-Contact 3D Surface Profiler has 0.1 angstrom resolution.

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Talysurf CCI 3000 scanning broadband interferometer finds coherence peak position of interference pattern produced by selectable bandwidth light source. Surfaces with reflectivity of 0.3-100% can be measured with 0.1 angstrom resolution over 100 µm gauge range. Machine offers 0.03 angstrom rms repeatability and 200 mm height adjustment in work envelope and collects 1,048,576 data points for each measurement. Automatic analysis routines are carried out through Talymap 3D software.

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Non-Contact 3D Surface Profiler with 0.1 Angstrom Resolution

New from Taylor Hobson, the Talysurf CCI 3000 boasts of performance specifications never before seen in this type of instrument. Most significant is 0.1 angstrom resolution over 100µm gauge range but perhaps even more impressive is the extreme stability of the system. With 0.03 angstrom RMS repeatability, the CCI 3000 is suitable for MEMS, semiconductor, data storage and many other ultra high precision industries.

Talysurf CCI 3000 is an advanced type of scanning broadband interferometer. It uses a patented algorithm to find the coherence peak position of an interference pattern produced by a selectable bandwidth light source. This method provides both high resolution and sensitivity to returning light. All materials - including glass, liquid inks and metal - and virtually all surfaces having reflectivity between 0.3% and 100% can be measured.

Components up to 300mm x 300mm in size and specimen areas up to 7.2mm x 7.2mm can be measured without stitching. Manufacturing process control is greatly simplified thanks to 200mm of height adjustment in the work envelope. This allows for the inspection of components that are still held in processing jigs, vacuum chucks or other fixtures. If additional processing is necessary the component can be returned to manufacturing in its original machined state.

Cycle time is just a few seconds even though Talysurf CCI 3000 collects 1,048,576 data points (1024 x 1024 pixel array) for each measurement. Setting up for to perform a measurement is quick and easy as well: place the component on the positioning stage, set the focus height and push the start button. Artifacts traceable to international standards are used to calibrate the instrument in both vertical and lateral measurement axes. Therefore the geometrical and dimensional characteristics of any known artifacts can be reproduced with confidence and authority.

Automatic analysis routines are carried out through Talymap 3D software. The package includes data manipulation tools such as high-resolution zooming, profile leveling, defect removal and profile extraction. Parameter sets include area and volume, counting and sorting, roughness and waviness in both 2D and 3D and automatic step height calculation. Data presentation tools include photo-realistic images in full color, meshed axonometric projections and contour diagrams. All images are exportable as bitmaps.

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