Noluma Brings First Light-Protected Milk to Mid-Atlantic Region

Pennsylvania-Based Lancaster Local introduces organic milk with A2A2 protein packaged in Noluma-certified light-protected bottles

Wilmington, Del., July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Noluma International, LLC, the leader in light protection technology, today announced a new partnership with Lancaster Local, a Lancaster, Pa.-based community of farmers who produce high-quality, farm-fresh Grade A milk. The companies teamed up to design light-protected, Noluma-certified packaging that preserves the nutrients, flavor and overall quality of Lancaster Local's new, organic milk with A2A2 protein.

Research shows that in as little as an hour, retail and other indoor lights, such as fluorescents and LEDs, can degrade vitamins and nutrients in milk, as well as its freshness, overall quality and taste. Partnering with Noluma to introduce new, light protected packaging enables Lancaster Local to maximize its milk's quality throughout the product's full shelf life while setting a new benchmark for Pennsylvania dairies and retailers alike.

"Our dairy comes from grass-fed cows raised on small, family-owned farms and our farmers work hard to provide the best farm-fresh milk available in the Lancaster area," said Philip Lehman, Managing Director of Swiss Villa LLC, Lancaster Local's packaging provider and distribution partner. "With Noluma's technology, we were able to design a light-protected bottle that preserves the product's quality, nutritional contents and fresh flavor throughout its full shelf life. Now, when Lancaster Local milk drinkers see the Noluma™ logo, they can trust it's providing all the benefits listed on the label, and more."

The light-protected milk is now available for purchase in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Look for the Noluma™ logo on Lancaster Local Milk at the following stores in these states:

  • Lititz, Pa.: Oregon Dairy (2900 Oregon Pike), Harvest Lane Farm Market (851 E Oregon Rd), and other local-owned grocery and health food stores
  • York, Pa.: Leg UP Farmer's Market (3100 N George St)
  • Brodheadsville, Pa.: Shoprite (107 Kinsley Dr)
  • Bristol, Pa.: Stoltzfus Country Deli in the Bristol Amish Market (498 Green Ln)
  • Wilmington, Del.: Janssen's (3801 Kennett Pike)
  • Washington, D.C.: Yes! Organic Markets (various locations)
  • Laurel, Md.: Beiler's Cheese Barn at the Dutch Country Farmers Market (9701 Fort Meade Rd)
  • New York, N.Y.: A Matter of Health (1347 First Ave)
  • Nanuet, N.Y.: A Matter of Health (138 Rockland Plaza)

More stores will be offering this as time goes on and we encourage interested customers to request it from their favorite grocer. With more than 100,000 dairy cows, Lancaster County is the top dairy-producing county in Pennsylvania and ranks eighth in the entire United States.

"More milk-drinkers are looking for local, organic and farm-fresh dairy products, but preserving these benefits can be difficult, especially in natural products," said Chris O'Grady, Business Director North America for Noluma International, LLC. "Noluma's technology means brands can promise consumers that the products they love will maintain their quality, freshness, flavor and nutrients throughout the product's shelf life. We are proud to partner with Swiss Villa and Lancaster Local to help set a new standard for packaging and light protection."

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About Noluma International, LLC

Noluma International, LLC, started with a vision spearheaded by a group of scientists who believed that science could protect and preserve what matters to people around the world. That light protection vision led to research on how to optimize materials of all kinds to protect against the damaging effects of light. Established in 2018, Noluma is a services and certification company specialized in light protection, and does not sell packaging or packaging materials. For more information, visit

About Noluma's Patented Technology

Noluma debuted state-of-the-art, patented technology in 2018 that measures and assesses packaging's ability to protect contents within from light degradation with more accuracy and efficiency than existing methods. This testing allows manufacturers to better understand the vulnerabilities of their packaging and work with Noluma to design, and ultimately certify, packaging that offers total light block, protecting the content's nutrients, taste and efficacy, often while extending the shelf life.

Noluma scientists use a known marker ingredient in the contents of a test package, exposing it to intense light that replicates two weeks of exposure in just two hours. The extent of damage to the marker correlates with the change in that product's freshness, nutrients effectiveness, and overall quality. The result is an LPF or light protection factor determined using an algorithm and assigned to each packaging based on the contents it protects. Noluma then uses these learnings to guide the customers in their design of packaging for optimal light protection. Companies who meet the gold standard for reaching the optimal point of light block at which contents are least affected, can add the Noluma™ logo to their packaging, certifying that packaging achieves the best scientifically possible protection from light damage and ensuring that what's inside has the quality, freshness, nutritional elements, potency and sensory qualities promised to consumers.

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