Noise Muffler works with drill rigs.

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Designed for Sandvik DX type drill rigs, NoiseGuard muffler system has suppression capacity of 10 dB (A), reducing noise levels of site and its surroundings. In addition, system lowers cabin noise levels by 8 dB (A). Muffler system consists of plastic hood that weighs 450 kg, and thin perforated aluminum insulation plates that stay in place even in heavy vibration, efficiently block echoes, and do not absorb moisture.

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Sandvik Introduces NoiseGuard Muffler System for Surface Top Hammer Drilling


The new efficient Sandvik NoiseGuard muffler system is developed for surface top hammer drilling. It significantly decreases the level of drilling noise, meeting the ever increasing noise restrictions in urban areas. The Sandvik NoiseGuard is the perfect choice for civil engineering sites and quarries.

The NoiseGuard system has a suppression capacity of 10 dB (A) which means a considerable reduction in the noise levels of the site and in its surroundings. Furthermore, the system lowers cabin noise levels by 8 dB (A), making the operator working environment safe and convenient.

The Sandvik muffler system basically consists of a hood and insulation for the rock drill. The hood is made of a highly durable plastic material, and thin perforated aluminium plates are used for insulation. The plates stay in place even in heavy vibration, efficiently block echoes and do not absorb moisture. Therefore, regarding both noise reduction and mechanical durability, this solution has proven efficient. In 1999, a similar system was introduced for the Tamrock Pantera family of drilling rigs.

The hood in the Sandvik muffler system covers the feed only which is why it weighs only 450 kg and does not affect the stability of the rig. View from the cabin remains excellent as the muffler opens with the help of four cylinders for rod changing. It is easy to remove the hood if it is not needed at a particular site.

One of the first systems has been used in Sweden by a company called Norrbottens bergteknik. The rig is working at a hospital maternity annex job site.

There are strict noise regulations at the hospital area. Without the new rig with the Sandvik NoiseGuard system, we would have been unable to meet those requirements, says Wolgan Carlsson, owner of Norrbottens bergteknik who also is the chairman of the local contrator union. - In the future, there will surely be higher demands for noise suppression in particular in residential or office areas. A 10 dB decrese in the noise level really makes a big difference, he continues.

The NoiseGuard muffler system is designed for Sandvik DX type (former Tamrock Ranger) drill rigs. They are self-propelled, self-contained hydraulic crawler drill rigs with a revolving superstructure and articulated boom. Thanks to their excellent stability, they can handle even the roughest terrain. With an ergonomic operator's cab, a powerful hydraulic rock drill and a mechanized rod changer, the Sandvik DX rigs drill quality holes from 51-127 mm in diameter to depths of up to 25 meters. They have huge coverage area of 17,6 sq. m (optionally 26,4 sq. m) that enables drilling more holes, faster, from a single set-up.

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