Nitrogen Generator targets food and beverage industry.

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Generating nitrogen from compressed air, MAXIGAS meets Modified Atmosphere Packaging, blanketing, and sparging needs to prevent spoilage. Generator offers alternative to high-pressure cylinders and dewars, eliminating refills and order processing. Because nitrogen is available on-demand, down-time associated with changing cylinders is minimized.

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Coming Soon New Nitrogen Generator

Advance information on new product at PPPMA Show

domnick hunter, market leading manufacturer of compressed air filtration and purification solutions will be showcasing MAXIGAS, its nitrogen generator range at the upcoming PPMA show this September.

MAXIGAS generates nitrogen from compressed air and is the ideal solution to the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), blanketing and sparging needs of the food and beverage industry.

MAP is a process in which nitrogen, a tasteless and ordourless gas, is flushed into packaged foods just before sealing to prevent oxidation and aerobic spoilage by typically reducing oxygen levels to below 1% for maintained flavour and crispness.

Blanketing is a method of controlling the atmosphere surrounding ingredients to prevent oxidation and sparging is a process in which tiny bubbles of nitrogen are introduced to liquids to reduce oxygen content and increase shelf-life.

MAXIGAS is a safer and cost effective alternative to high-pressure cylinders and dewars. There are no on-going costs such as refills, delivery costs or order processing and manufacturers benefit from reduced down-time associated with changing cylinders because nitrogen is available on-demand.

Visitors to the PPMA show will be given advance information on the new MAXIGAS nitrogen generator that will be launched this October.

Continuous product development based on customer feedback has led to the development of the new nitrogen generator that builds on the success of the existing MAXIGAS range to bring greater efficiency for an even more cost effective solution that takes on-site nitrogen generation to as yet unobtainable levels of performance, quality and reliability. To find out more visit domnick hunter on Stand G53 at the PPMA show or email

domnick hunter is also holding a free seminar for Food and Drink Manufacturers to advise them on a new code of practice designed to help them comply with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations. The code was recently introduced by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) in conjunction with the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS).

The seminar will guide food and drink manufacturers through the newly introduced code and provide recommendations for the installation and maintenance of a cost effective compressed air purification system. In addition it will cover the European Industrial Gas Association (EIGA) Specification for Food Grade Nitrogen. The seminar takes place on 5th October at the Nottingham Gateway hotel. To register or to find out more visit

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