Nippon Pulse Motion Checker Controller Eases Prototyping

The Nippon Pulse Motion Checkers are palm-sized controllers that contain an integrated driver circuit and are designed to offer engineers an easy and affordable option to drive and control two-phase stepper motors during the prototyping and analysis phase.

There are four Motion Checker options, depending how complicated prototyping is:

The Motion Checker 1 is designed to make a stepper motor spin at a predetermined speed and in a certain direction. This is a good option if an engineer simply wants to ensure a stepper motor is working properly.

With the Motion Checker 2, engineers can adjust the speed and program in acceleration/deceleration rates.

The Motion Checker 3 allows the user to program a simple program for a motion system. Users are able to simulate the motion required for the motor in the project and can also attach the Motion Checker 3 to an external device to receive input/output signals.

Finally, the Motion Checker 5 is similar to the Motion Checker 3, however, the memory feature in the Motion Checker 5 retains the program settings so users are able to reuse motion profiles.

Nippon Pulse offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can, hybrid, linear step, and linear servo) that cover a wide range of motion applications. For more information on the Motion Checker series or other Nippon Pulse products, please visit or call 1.540.633.1677.

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