Nimbus® Product Enhancement

NIMBUS pre-insulated connectors from ILSCO® have an expanded wire range and are now suitable for 600kcmil - #4 AWG conductors to accommodate the popularity of the larger 600kcmil wire size. The previous wire range was 500kcmil - 4. This enhancement affects Type PBTD, PBTS and PBTM.

This enhancement also increases the amperage to 475 Amps, from 430 Amps.

The NIMBUS series is UL Listed, CSA Certified and dual rated for copper or aluminum conductors.

ILSCO is your ClearChoice® for electrical connectors. For additional information contact:

Manager, Marketing Communications

ILSCO, 4730 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45227

Toll Free: (800) 776-9775, Phone: (513) 533-6200, Fax: (513) 871-4084

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