Night Light promotes hotel guest safety.

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Wall-mounted Lite-A-Switch(TM) LED Night Light uses 6 LEDs to provide enough illumination to navigate in unfamiliar rooms. Design allows secure installation to any existing light switch or outlet plate. Available in blue, green, pink, and white, night light helps minimize energy use and injuries. In addition to hotel room, Lite-A-Switch can be installed in poorly lit halls or entranceways.

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Lite-A-Switch(TM) Elegant Night Light Improves Hotel Guest Safety & Satisfaction While Lowering Energy Costs

Multiple studies have shown that one of the largest energy savings opportunities for hotel guestrooms is eliminating the unnecessary extended operation of bathroom lights. According to Sunbeam Hospitality and Andis Corporation about 45% of hotel guests leave the bathroom light on as a night light while they sleep. Research by the US Department of Energy has shown that products like the Lite-A-Switch ( permanent night light can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% providing payback in as little as 6 months (PIER Lighting Research Program Project 4.1). Additionally independent studies show that guests want night lights located in hotel rooms. A WRA Research study found that 16% of travelers bring their own night light with them during a hotel stay. A few service oriented hotel organizations have already begun installing an LED night light solution in rooms to cater to this need. The National Safety Council reports that most accidents occur in the bathroom and recommend night lighting for people over 50. Poor lighting is the 6th leading cause for accidents in the home and a major contributor to hotel room accidents. By following these recommendations and installing energy efficient night lights, like the Lite-A-Switch(TM) LED night light from Memorytime Inc. ( hotel owners can promote guest safety and reduce liability. The Lite-A-Switch is a patent pending wall mounted night light that securely attaches to an outlet or switch. It uses six long life LED's to provide enough illumination to easily navigate in an unfamiliar room. The Lite-A-Switch mounts very much like a standard wall plate, making it subtle and easily incorporated into many room designs. The design allows for secure installation to any existing light switch or outlet plate in minutes making it permanent, kid friendly and appreciated by guests. Available in four different LED color choices, blue, green, pink and white, the Lite-A-Switch(TM) night light is an elegant and stylish way for hotels to reduce energy and injury costs. In addition to hotel rooms, the Lite-A-Switch can be installed in poorly lighted hall or entranceways. The Lite-A-Switch also serves as a reminder to turn off lights when the switch is installed on the outside wall of a room. About Memorytime Inc. Lite-A-Switch (PATENT PENDING) Night Light Solutions are a trademark of Memorytime Inc. Memorytime Corporation was established in 1994 and is a product design and manufacturing company located in Portland, Oregon. For more information visit

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