Niagara Industries Inc, Manufactures of the Titan® Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater Announced the Issuance of it Chinese Patent

Niagara Industries announced they have now been granted a patent for its “Tankless Water Heater Assembly.” Patent Number 2012800703824 in China

MIAMI (PRWEB) AUGUST 08, 2019 - Niagara Industries Inc., originally applied for and was granted a U.S. patent (#8150246) for its "tankless water heater assembly." This design was the main feature has been the integral part of its flagship line of Titan Tankless Water Heaters. This core technology has now been strengthened with the added intellectual property protection of having this technology patented as well in China.

Niagara Industries is focused on the next generation tankless water heater and its currently working on new developments to add and improve our current product line. On this new accomplishment a spokesman for Niagara Industries said, “Reaching this milestone will insure that our technology will be protected, this adds to another upcoming milestone for next year when we celebrate 35 years in business in the U.S.A. We want to thank all our customers for their loyal patronage threw the years.”

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Niagara Industries Inc. was founded over three decades ago with the conviction of manufacturing the a Whole-House electronic tankless water heater. With the first release of the TITAN® Electronic Tankless Water Heater the dream became reality. Since its initial introduction into the world market, it has become the flagship for Niagara Industries Inc., and one of the premiere choices on electronic tankless water heaters.

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