Niagara Blower Wet Surface Air Coolers For Offshore Cooling Applications

(Buffalo, NY) Niagara engineers and manufactures Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC(TM)) closed-loop, evaporative coolers for offshore drilling rig cooling applications. Recently Niagara teamed up with Flow Process Technologies, Inc. to provide five WSACs to an offshore drilling rig located in the Gulf of Mexico operated by a major oil company. It is one of the largest "jack-up" type of drilling rigs in the world and currently uses Niagara WSAC units to cool drilling fluids (mud).

WSAC systems combine elements of a heat exchanger and cooling tower in a single structure, and are a cost-effective heat transfer technology providing lower outlet temperatures and requiring less space and HP. A WSAC cooler or condenser can also use poor quality water as spray makeup.

Flow Process Technologies, with operations in Houston, Texas and Singapore, provides specialized mixing equipment to mining, water treatment, food, and offshore and land oil & gas applications. Both Niagara and Flow Process excel in developing customized systems to suit each customer's specific application. Flow Process can be contacted at or by phone at 1-800-830-2089.

Niagara Blower is a design-build manufacturer providing engineered solutions to heat transfer applications at power, process, refinery, food and brewing facilities worldwide since 1904. Niagara's customized product lines include WSAC closed-loop, evaporative coolers and condensers and "No-Frost"® liquid desiccant dehumidification systems. For more information, contact Niagara by phone at 716-875-2000, by email at, or visit

Mark Vogel

WSAC Product Manager

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