NexLogic Technologies Installs New Nordson/YESTECH FX Series AOI on PCB Assembly Floor

Most advanced AOI system provides NexLogic OEM customers leading-edge vision for higher inspection rates, fast system programming, quicker product time-to-market, and high PCB manufacturing yields.

NexLogic Technologies, Inc., a complete one-stop shop for PCB design, fabrication, and assembly, today announced the addition of two new Nordson YESTECH FX Series AOI systems to its PCB assembly floor. Advanced system features permit NexLogic to provide its OEM customers with significant benefits as they move their designs into smaller, more densely component populated PCBs. Those include leading-edge vision capabilities to achieve higher inspection rates for newer and continuously smaller footprint packages, easy and fast system programming to provide faster customer time-to-market, and as in-process AOI, the first article can be quickly verified, subsequently leading to high yields during the manufacturing process.

Zulki Khan, President and Founder of NexLogic Technologies, said, "Being in the middle of Silicon Valley, we must be at the cutting edge of technology. Therefore, we make it a point to outfit our manufacturing floor with the most advanced manufacturing systems. It is among the top reasons we satisfactorily comply with our OEM customers' crucial requirements. And that's one of the key ways we maintain their trust and loyalty. Our customers are coming to us with highly challenging designs involving smaller component packages like 0201, 01005, CSPs, and mBGAs demanding highly accurate placement. This is where our new FX Series AOI systems play an invaluable role."

Kevin Garcia, Nordson YESTECH Regional Manager, said, "Since its beginnings in 1995, NexLogic has continually grown an enviable OEM customer base and in many respects, its business accomplishments are due in large part to its management's drive to continually improve its manufacturing technologies. That's why we're so pleased to have our advanced FX Series AOI systems as an integral part of NexLogic's manufacturing process."

Nordson/YESTECH's FX Series AOI tests pcb manufacturing defects by using 5 megapixel color camera imaging technology. One camera is on top with four on the side, and combined, they provide exceptional defect coverage to include solder joint inspection, verifying correct part numbers, solder bridges, absence of components, and checking on lifted pins, among other defect inspections.

Among its major features, the FX Series AOI systems features unique dome type, multi-angle LED lighting to further enhance inspection coverage, quick verification and with less false failures.

Additionally, FX Series AOI is easy to program. It uses a standard package library to simplify training and ensure program portability across manufacturing lines. Also, it is configurable for all line positions for paste, pre/post-reflow and final assembly inspection. NexLogic will be utilizing these at post printing, pre-reflow stages to improve the manufacturing yields by quickly reviewing the printing and placement yields and making improvements if necessary.

Contact information:

Dan Garza

Nexlogic Technologies, Inc.

(408) 866-5125

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