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MES system adds features to enhance user interface

CLEVELAND - FACTIVITY, a pioneer in shop floor execution systems since 1998, has released its latest software update which includes a variety of new features and functions. Besides the basic employee time tracking features, FACTIVITY now has a machine monitoring software module and can produce machine specific measurements in real-time such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and drill-down detail. This MES provides shop floor data collection and now has added automated quality measures direct from external sources such as weigh scales. Production management is enhanced with additional rework features and alarms/reminders for under reporting of expected quantities. Continuing down the track of building an easy-to-use touch screen floor interfaces, FACTIVITY factory management software has also added:

o Real-Time OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Viewer: Combines several important measurements of production performance. The measure is shown as a percent and represents the Overall Equipment (Resource) Effectiveness "rating". The measure is a combination of three separate individual measurements of Availability, Performance and Quality.

- Availability - is the percentage of "run" to the total time the equipment or employee is available. Example: if the employee works 10 hours and has "run" time of 9 hours, then the Availability measurement is 90%.

- Performance - is the percentage of actual time to standard time for the operation. Example: if the employee works on an operation that should produce 100 pieces per hour and 90 pieces are produced in the hour, then the Performance measurement is 90%.

- Quality- is the percentage of "good" pieces produced against the total pieces produced. Example if 10 pieces are produced but only 9 are good, and then the Quality measurement is 90%.

- Overall OEE- in the examples above the OEE would be calculated as follows: 90% (Availability) * 90% (Performance) * 90% Quality for an OEE of 72.9%.

o New Drill-Down Dashboard: These Microsoft Reporting Services Metrics and KPI reports are integrated into the FACTIVITY report system utilizing libraries, groups, security and real-time parameters passing. The reports are generated in the Internet Explorer document group type dialog box.

o Enhanced Rework Facility: This can be executed via a touch button from a scrap code and will display the previous operations. The re-worked operation can be selected and will allow the floor employee or supervisor to add a comment that appears on the order remark for the order.

o Advanced Repetitive Order Schedules: FACTIVITY has added a concept for dealing with repetitive order schedules for a single "cumulative" part order. These scheduled orders can maintain independent dates and quantities but mimic the routing of the master order. In essence, these orders are virtual and visible to the floor employee to provide greater floor visibility to discrete quantities (WIP lots) without changing the original accounting cumulative part order.

o Automatic Employee Reminder: Whenever jobs are selected on the dispatch screen and an order remark is available, the Remark viewer will be displayed to remind the operator before work begins on the order/part.

o Automated Quality Control Data Collection: Note fields were enhanced to receive information from external data sources. A note template is opened and a scale reads the weight of the item and automatically inserts the reading into the appropriate note field. This feature was also enhanced to read multiple weights, filling multiple fields in secession. The operator only needs to invoke the note and place items on the scale. After all weights are entered, the user saves time and improves accuracy.

o Improved Production Reporting: Close Short Warning Screen appears automatically when an employee closes an operation short of the required total. Besides setting of an alarm within FACTIVITY, an email message can be sent to management. The warning is an employee reminder to verify totals before closing off the operation.

o Automatic Close of Operation: Added "Offer Close" directly after production is reported and quantity is me to speed up the reporting process and minimize the user interface action.

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FACTIVITY Inc. develops factory management and employee time tracking software products for manufacturing companies that need lean manufacturing software. The current focus of the company is on FACTIVITY a production management software system and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with modules that include Production Scheduling Software, APS System Software, Shop Floor Management, Machine Monitoring, OEE Metrics, Employee Tracking, Employee Attendance Tracking, Workforce Management, Manufacturing Data Collection and more. For more information on FACTIVITY, please visit or call 216.614.5141.

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