Newbury Networks Announces WiFi Watchdog Early Warning System, Integration with Cisco

BOSTON, Dec. 5 -- Newbury Networks Inc., ( today introduced a new edition of its award- winning WiFi Watchdog(TM) wireless security solution -- WiFi Watchdog/EWS(TM). Additionally, Newbury has announced API level integration with Cisco Aironet Access Points. This integration provides comprehensive scanning of the 802.11 RF (radio frequency) surroundings, as one of the multi-function capabilities of Cisco wireless AP's.

WiFi Watchdog/EWS delivers the industry's first Wi-Fi early warning system enabling organizations to secure and lockdown wireless network access based upon the detection and location of all WLAN devices. WiFi Watchdog/EWS not only identifies and isolates rogue clients and unauthorized access points, it also quickly pinpoints their location for immediate and efficient removal from the network. This detection and removal provides the type of "security blanket" many organizations require before moving to the next step, deploying wireless networks enterprise wide.

By locating and identifying all 802.11 traffic, WiFi Watchdog/EWS enforces wireless security policies and protects both wired and wireless networks from wireless attacks. WiFi Watchdog/EWS policies evolve with the organization's deployment, ultimately resulting in a more secure and productive environment for the global mobile workforce.

"Newbury Networks offers a unique capability within the market today as they can detect wireless access security breaches based on the location of these breaches," said Bill Erdman, Director of Business Development, Wireless Networking Business Unit, Cisco Systems. "Moreover, Newbury is leveraging the robust capability of Cisco's access points as specialized scanning devices for location based security detection. This integration demonstrates the value of the Cisco ecosystem, as customers can utilize the same devices for location based security or full wireless access points. This offers investment protection not only for the hardware purchased but also for the labor to deploy these devices throughout the enterprise."

"Our most critical asset is our customer's investment value and increased net worth," said Effie Lewis, director of information security, Massachusetts Financial Services Investment Company. "Part of providing our customers with enhanced investment value is ensuring them peace of mind that their assets are fully protected and secure. We're pleased that Newbury Networks and Cisco Systems are protecting our mission-critical networks. Newbury's integration with Cisco will make it easier to accelerate our deployment of wireless technologies."

"The first step in any successful IT deployment is understanding the landscape, potential pitfalls, and trouble spots. Enforcing an evolving corporate Wi-Fi policy is no exception," said Michael Maggio, president and CEO, Newbury Networks, Inc. "WiFi Watchdog/EWS, combined with our Cisco integration, equips public and private sector IT with the necessary tools to analyze, plan and enforce secure Wi-Fi policies at all stages of deployments."

WiFi Watchdog/EWS

The WiFi Watchdog/EWS solution provides best-in-class monitoring and detection capabilities to actively protect existing network infrastructure from wireless threats. The core component to WiFi Watchdog/EWS is Newbury's award winning Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention capabilities and patented location technology. Some of the key features include:

o Real-Time Location Tracking -- WiFi Watchdog/EWS presents an immediate "air traffic control" floor plan view of an organization's WLAN airspace by location. This illustrates all active devices and associations by location both inside and outside the facility.
o Early Alert Capabilities -- WiFi Watchdog/EWS provides a wide array of actionable, location-based alerts such as rogues detected, cross boundary (inside and outside associations) connections, among others.
o Rogue Detection and Protection -- WiFi Watchdog/EWS immediately identifies the location of any unauthorized access point, ad hoc networks or soft access points within a facility down to a particular room or floor. WLANs outside a facility are located and monitored for any suspicious or threatening activity.
o Wireless Client Protection and Containment -- WiFi Watchdog/EWS immediately identifies when an authorized user connects to an unauthorized WLAN. It wirelessly "snipes" connections to the offending client device to ensure that situations such as docked laptops do not become open ports to the outside world either through accidental associations or malicious "phishing" attacks.
o Compliance Reporting and Usage Monitoring -- WiFi Watchdog/EWS provides a comprehensive summary of reports, graphs and history to support IT/Security personnel in defending their network security policies and proving their enforcement.

Pricing and Availability

WiFi Watchdog/EWS pricing starts at $9,995 and is available immediately. Cisco Aironet access points are priced separately and available from Newbury Networks or Cisco. In addition, Newbury's comprehensive perimeter security solution, WiFi Watchdog(TM) is integrated with Cisco Aironet access points and is also immediately available.

About Newbury Networks

Newbury Networks provides location-based management and security applications that enable IT/Security professionals to locate, manage and secure WLANs. Newbury's products provide unprecedented security through its patented location-based tracking and perimeter security capabilities.

Newbury's WiFi Watchdog and WiFi Workplace(TM) applications have won numerous awards and accolades including Network World's Best of Tests(TM) and Datamation's 2005 Product of the Year Award.

Newbury's products provide breakthrough capabilities for managing and securing WLANs by location -- ultimately resulting in enhanced security and system performance. Its server-based approach enables content and network provisioning, tracking, logging and analysis. Newbury Networks was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Boston.

Source: Newbury Networks Inc.

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