New Wand Technology Now Available for Truck-Mount Carpet Extractors

Coeur d' Alene, ID - January 22, 2008 - U.S. Products, which introduced the first major update in wand technology in nearly 40 years with the new Evolution wand for portable extractors, has now made this next generation of Evolution wand available for truck-mount extractors.

With the Evolution(TM) (for truck-mount), U.S. Products has removed much of the air turbulence experienced with conventional wands. The airflow is laminar, making it more uniform and streamlined and allowing the extractor to operate at optimum performance levels, significantly improving moisture recovery.

Laminar technology was first used extensively in designing early aircraft. Although we still experience it today, airplane turbulence was a much more serious problem decades ago. It was one reason that the airline attendants of the day were required to be registered nurses-to help passengers who became ill due to the turbulence.

A better understanding of laminar technology allowed engineers to redesign airplanes to minimize this fluctuation, making flying more comfortable and safer for passengers and crew alike.

"The technology has proved to be a major breakthrough with portable extractors," says Steve Williams, Senior VP of Research and Development at U.S. Products. "The Carpet and Rug Institute retested some of our portable extractors that had already earned the Bronze Seal of Approval rating with the Evolution wand, and performance was improved so significantly that they earned the Gold rating-the top rating possible. We expect similar results with the truck-mount system."

Williams adds that the company's customers began requesting a similar wand be developed for use with truck-mount systems. "During development, we let several professional carpet cleaners and testing facilities use the new wand extensively and their input has been invaluable in the final design of this new truck-mount wand," he says.

The Evolution wand has a 16-inch head, the glide holder is rotationally molded into the head for an airtight fit, and the entire unit weighs only eight pounds, making it one of the lightest wands now available.

About U.S. Products a Nilfisk Advance Company
U.S. Products has been manufacturing carpet, drapery, upholstery, restoration, and ceiling cleaning equipment for more than 25 years. The company is well known for its innovative internal heating systems that deliver 212 degrees at the wand tip, top-quality components, and solid-state circuitry for precise operation and equipment control.

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