New Vacuum Leak Detector for Flexible, Semi-rigid and Rigid Packages

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  • VC1400 features touchscreen for user-friendly GUI with an optional barcode scanner
  • Automates two tests methylene blue dye and bubble tests with predefined test parameters for test reproducibility
  • Measures the seal strength and package integrity for pharma, medical and food packaging

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Ametek Mocon Launches Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400 Vacuum Leak Detection System

Minneapolis, MN, (April 28, 2021) – AMETEK MOCON, a leading global provider of permeation analyzers, package testing instruments, and gas controllers/sensors, today announced the launch of the Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400, an innovative vacuum leak detector that strengthens its product portfolio. The new product offers a highly sophisticated design and easy-to-operate leak detection system for flexible, semi-rigid and rigid packages. In addition to being used for quality checking proper sealing, it contributes to ensuring sterility and extending the shelf-life of packaged goods.

Designed to find the smallest leaks

“The Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400’s advanced design finds even the smallest leaks in blister packages, glass vials, and other flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid packages,” said Steen Andreasen, Product Manager for AMETEK MOCON in Denmark. “It ensures greater test package integrity and automates two tests -- both methylene blue dye and bubble tests -- with predefined test parameters for ultimate test reproducibility. Repeatability is vitally important in lab settings, though in many labs these tests are still being done by hand, which makes them hard to regulate and repeat. The product’s new upgraded design and features provides users with the best accuracy.”

The new design provides high precision vacuum regulation, so no adjustments are required for different package sizes or types. The new design improves consistency and sensitivity for a more accurate pressure control during the process. The product’s high level of accuracy helps remove brand reputation risks and costly product recall risks caused by leaks and seal integrity issues.

New technological platform and user interface

The Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400 features a new touchscreen with a simplified, user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) with an optional barcode scanner, which enables easy and intuitive data capturing, storage, and export. This all-new version also offers exceptional convenience. Operators can easily set up data once and then simply transfer data from one instrument to another. The VC1400 is available in two versions, one with a vacuum running on compressed air (internal vacuum ejector) and one that requires an external vacuum pump unit (like the available, stackable PU1400).

Built with the pharmaceutical industry in mind

The VC1400 is a benchtop instrument designed to perform various leak test methods to exacting standards. It measures the seal strength and package integrity for pharma, medical, and food packaging. The Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400 is based on vacuum technology and ideal for methylene blue dye testing, which quickly shows when the packaging is broken. The system is compliant with ASTM D3078 Bubble Emission test and the acknowledged best practice for the methylene blue dye test.

The Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400 was designed with Quality Control Managers, Packaging R&D Managers, and Production Managers within the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries in mind. The new leak detection system secures package integrity to meet specified industry standards. It is used in test labs for packaging development and as part of the packaging line at manufacturers focusing on optimizing their packaging processes. The Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400 is the successor to the Lippke® VC1380, building on the proof of excellence of an existing, well-proven product.

Contact AMETEK MOCON to learn more about the product. Click here to learn more about the Dansensor® Lippke® VC1400 vacuum leak detection system, including a full list of product features, technical specifications, and a description on how it works.


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