New TSB Mail Automation Software is Designed to Control Database and System Information

Press Release Summary:

  • Can handle large volume of direct mail and automate the stages in the mailing process to achieve postal discounts
  • Reduce extra data that results in print and mail waste
  • Achieve true end-to-end process automation, while reducing data and mail preparation costs

Original Press Release:

Objectif Lune Launches TSB Mail Automation: a Software Solution for Data Quality and Mail Automation

July 03, 2019 - Manchester, United Kingdom -- Objectif Lune has launched TSB Mail Automation, a new data quality and mail automation software solution designed to help organisations take back control of their database and system information, all while reducing bad data that results in print and mail waste. TSB Mail Automation addresses the costly manual processes involved in data processing and mail preparation, enabling organisations to achieve faster job turnaround and greater accuracy. Moreover, when paired with OL Connect, TSB Mail Automation allows organisations to create automated processes with conditioned mailing batches to maximise MailmarkTM discounts and individual mail tracking, improving the customer experience. For this new product, Objectif Lune has partnered with The Software Bureau, leveraging the company’s postal sortation, data processing and cleansing technology expertise. This enables TSB Mail Automation users who manaully verify address data and physically insert and sort mail to automate these processes. They can now spend more time creating meaningful customer communications.

The Software Bureau is well known in the industry as a leader in postal automation and we are excited to be in partnership with them and add their technology to our portfolio, to extend our capabilities of offering customers true end-to-end automation.

Matt Irish, European Partner Manager

Built into the TSB Mail Automation package is The Software Bureau’s popular SwiftSort, automation-ready postal sortation software. SwiftSort is supported by all major mail carriers, handles large volumes of direct mail and helps automate the stages in the mailing process in order to achieve postal discounts. By applying Royal Mail’s MailmarkTM barcode technology to mail, important delivery information about the sender and recipient can be added, and mail tracking and reporting are possible. This detailed delivery information is shared with Royal Mail and, in return, offers users postage discounts that enable faster and more efficient delivery. The technology has an intuitive user interface for job preparation and processing. Users only need to set up repetitive jobs once—they’ll run automatically from then on.

Now customers can achieve postage savings, while reducing mail waste costs and achieving faster turnaround of jobs, with our new TSB Mail Automation Software.

Matt Irish, European Partner Manager

This is an exciting new partnership for Objectif Lune, strengthening its product portfolio with another automation tool that can help clients achieve true end-to-end process automation, while reducing data and mail preparation costs.

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