New Transparent Receiver is Manufactured with Solid Aluminum Housing

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Pinpoint Laser Systems’ 2 in. Transparent Receiver window measures 2 x 2 in. down to 0.0001 in. and over a distance of 150 ft. Unit comes with reference surfaces and mounting points for industrial applications. The receiver is used in machine tool runout, lathe and spindle alignment, roll and web alignment and precision bore alignment. Unit allows incoming laser reference beam to pass through to other receivers while making precise pair of linear measurements.

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Pinpoint Laser Systems Announce the New 2-Inch Transparent Receiver

Pinpoint Laser Systems, a leading US manufacturer of precision laser alignment and measurement products for industry announce the release of their latest laser alignment accessory, the 2-Inch Transparent Receiver, for receiving laser signals to achieve machinery and equipment alignment.

The 2-Inch Transparent Receiver differs from Pinpoint’s existing Transparent Receiver in that it is significantly larger than the original. While the original receiver window measures ¾” x ¾”, the 2-Inch Transparent Receiver window measures 2” x 2” allowing for a wider range of measurements down to 0.0001 inch and over distances of 150 feet or more. As with the original Transparent Receiver, it is also
manufactured with solid aluminum housing and reference surfaces and mounting points for a number of industrial applications.

Pinpoint’s 2-Inch Transparent Receiver works by allowing the incoming laser reference beam to pass cleanly through to other receivers while making a precise pair of linear measurements. The position of this receiver is measured in real time to the centerline of the laser beam for precise measurements of machine tool motion and other industrial applications.

The 2-Inch Transparent Receiver is Pinpoint’s latest innovation for engineers and machine operators to achieve lathe and spindle alignment, machine tool runout, roll and web alignment, precision bore alignment, among other industrial applications. This product is available as is or can be customized to meet a manufacturer’s exact specifications if needed.

Pinpoint Laser Systems is a leading manufacturer of proprietary laser measuring and alignment products accessories and software. For over 25 years, Pinpoint’s innovative products can be found in factories throughout the United States and all over the world. Pinpoint offers a wide variety of laser measurement tools that help solve manufacturing problems, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime and increase profitability. Pinpoint Laser Systems’ alignment equipment is actively used in numerous industries, including aerospace, aircraft, machine shops, paper and textile mills, shipbuilding facilities, medical scanning equipment, extrusion plants, electronic assembly facilities, among many others.

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