New Toneable Duct Rodder System Accurately Locates Duct Rodder Position or Underground Duct Blockages Without Invasive Digging or Trenching

Trevose, PA - General Machine Products Company, Inc. (GMP), Trevose, PA, is pleased to introduce the Toneable Duct Rodder System to its complete line of underground cable placement tools and equipment. The Toneable Duct Rodder System eliminates the need for invasive digging or trenching to find, follow or map underground duct routes saving time and cost. The components of the system include a signal transmitter, a signal receiver, a sonde, and duct rods that feature 18 AWG copper wires embedded within their fiberglass cores. To accurately detect rodder position in underground ducts, the Toneable Duct Rodder System employs a transmitter that sends a signal along the entire length of the rod. The rod is also fitted with a self-contained transmitter sonde. Above ground, a receiver is used to detect the rod's exact location at depths of up to 50 feet (15 meters).

Duct Rodders

GMP offers 3/8 inch (9 mm) and 1/2 inch (12 mm) diameter rodders in lengths that range from 100 to 1,200 feet (30 to 366 m). They are unaffected by harsh temperature changes and water, making them reliable tools in most environments. The leading-end of each rodder comes with a tapered male-threaded head; while the trailing-end features a female-threaded fitting that provides for easy extension attachment. The duct rodders come with light-weight carriers on wheels that provide easy mobility.

Signal Receiver

The receiver features a large, high-contrast, backlit LCD screen that provides the user with clear information in any lighting condition. Other features include rugged and lightweight construction, IP54 Rating (you can operate it in almost any environment), battery operation, a choice of frequencies, and signal filtering and analysis that allows operation in electrically noisy environments.

Signal Transmitter

The transmitter, an industry standard, is used with the receiver to find, follow and map toneable duct rods. The transmitter has 3 watts of power and provides a number of inductive or direct frequencies. The transmitter is ergonomically designed and has a lightweight, well-balanced case.


The sonde is a small self-contained transmitter that connects to the end of the duct rod. The sonde will help trace the duct route and can also locate duct blockages or collapses.

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More information about GMP's Toneable Duct Rod Receiver, Transmitter and Sonde is available online at:, or by contacting Ted Clemens at 215-357-5500;

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