New Thermal Testing Requirements for 2010

Verizon's New Thermal Testing Requirement for 2010: How will I comply?

In an effort to increase the operating efficiency of its networks, Verizon is requiring hardware manufacturers to characterize their equipment using thermal simulation and testing techniques, outlined in a new testing plan called Thermal Management Requirements for Improved Energy Efficiency of Telecommunications Equipment, VZ.TPR.9208. Verizon's goal is to minimize heat generation that impairs equipment performance and requires costly air conditioning installed in central offices, equipment vaults and other facilities. Starting in July 2010, equipment manufacturers will be required to submit these thermal modeling and testing results to demonstrate they have optimized their products to only generate acceptable amounts of heat.

Degree Controls is uniquely positioned to assist your design team and test against these new requirements. As the experts in thermal and airflow management solutions for the most demanding applications, our engineers are experienced in reducing the energy needs of telecommunications and information technology equipment. Equally adept at creating solutions at the design phase, prototype phase or in full production, Degree Controls can help meet these demanding new analysis and testing requirements. Degree Controls has been certified by Verizon as an Independent Test Laboratory (ITL) and qualified to perform both the simulation and testing, and to produce your reports as required by Verizon to achieve compliance.

The proper tool for confirming your CFD analysis via airflow testing is the industry standard Cambridge AccuSense ATM-2400 Airflow Measurement System from Degree Controls. This multipoint airflow and temperature measurement instrument connects up to 36 sensors, including air velocity, temperature, and humidity sensors. This enables the user to obtain real-time data of each type. Any combination of sensors can be used simultaneously and the sensors are fully interchangeable with one another. The ATM-2400 connects to a PC via a USB 2.0 connection, and uses the AccuTrac graphing and data-logging spreadsheet software, with easy export to other spreadsheet or mathematical tools. The 'Plug & Play' versatility of the USB based connectors reduces set-up time which leads to faster results. The ATM-2400 system enables the user to measure air velocity and temperature with the UAS1000 Series Sensor in addition to measuring surface temperature with the UTS1000 Series Thermocouples.

The combined design, test and product capabilities of Degree Controls ensure the fastest path to Verizon thermal and energy compliance!

Bill Harr
Thermal Products Sales Manager

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