New TELSEC ESB2 Monitoring and Control System Comes with Color LCD Touch Screen

Press Release Summary:

  • Features Ethernet connectivity with secure protocols for Web Server (HTTPS), SNMP (v3), Secure Shell (SSH) and password authentication (RADIUS)
  • Offers expandable to 272 universal inputs, 144 digital outputs and 66 analog outputs
  • Uses economizer control algorithm to dynamically adjust settings to optimize the use of outside air for cooling

Original Press Release:

Quest Introduces its New TELSEC® ESB2 Monitoring & Control System Featuring Secure Communications & Touch Screen Technology

Palmetto, Florida - Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to introduce its new TELSEC ESB2 Monitoring & Control System, designed for use in the Telecommunications, Cable/Broadband and Utilities markets to monitor and control manned and unmanned facilities, such as COs, Headends, Fiber Hubs, Huts, CEVs, OTNs and Substations.

Key Features:

  • Ethernet connectivity with secure protocols for Web Server (HTTPS), SNMP (v3), Secure Shell (SSH) and password authentication (RADIUS).
  • SNMP v1, v2c, v3 for sets, gets, traps and informs.
  • Expandable to 272 universal inputs, 144 digital outputs and 66 analog outputs.
  • Upgrades existing ESB/ESBx systems without rewiring inputs and outputs.
  • Controls sixteen air conditioning units with networkable HVAC control modules for fan, cooling, heat, and economization through optional intelligent standalone controllers.
  • Uses Quest’s patented economizer control algorithm to dynamically adjust settings to optimize the use of outside air for cooling.
  • Built-in color LCD touch screen for system status and setpoint changes.
  • Supports polling and alarming of 1024 registers for Modbus RTU slave modules.
  • Converts Modbus RTU data to SNMP for remote polling and alarming of devices.
  • Operates with a standard control program or can be customized to meet customer requirements.
  • Non-volatile flash memory prevents program loss and stores program upgrades.
  • UL and CE listed. Mountable in customized UL approved Panel Enclosures.

The ESB2 works with any new installation and as a field upgrade kit for customers currently using TELSEC ESB or ESBx systems. The upgrade kit is designed to seamlessly upgrade existing ESB or ESBx systems to the ESB2 without removing panels or rewiring monitoring and control points. Upgraded systems provide enhanced secure communications and advanced robust functionality.

The TELSEC ESB2 is modular by design allowing the system to meet multiple facility requirements. The basic model provides 16 universal inputs, 16 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs, and can be easily expanded to 272 universal inputs, 144 digital outputs, and 66 analog outputs. The TELSEC ESB2 can network with up to 16 HVAC Controllers for controlling facilities’ cooling systems to maintain proper temperatures and reduce energy consumption. The TELSEC ESB2’s optimized cooling control, features Quest’s patented economizer control algorithm, which dramatically reduces the cost for cooling energy. Further monitoring and control of smart equipment can be accomplished through Modbus RTU to control and collect data from smart devices such as generators, ATS switches and power meters.

The TELSEC ESB2 has a technician-friendly local interface with a graphical color touch screen to provide simple on-site management of the facility. The intuitive and easy to use color display enhances users’ interaction with the ESB2, thereby saving time. The TELSEC ESB2 has a unique embedded Web Server which allows users to completely program the system through secure web pages using any modern web browser as well as upload programs and download configuration files, alarm files and historical log data for monitoring points. Advanced password protected technology allows the user to make operational changes and view a facility’s current status. The TELSEC ESB2 supports secure encrypted communications such as HTTPS, RADIUS, SNMPv3, and SSH for remote communications, alarming and data gathering. Encrypted protocols secure data being transferred to and from the system ensuring systems are compliant with security requirements deployed on customers’ secure networks.

Remote site applications for the TELSEC ESB2 include: fiber hubs, headends, OTNs, remote terminals, cabinets, CEVs, CUEs, data, switching centers and customer prem sites. At unmanned or partially manned sites, status of active and historical alarms, inputs, outputs, and logs can all be quickly reviewed. Staff at centralized and local monitoring centers are able to identify the severity of problems, sort out false alarms, and make intelligent decisions quickly. Two-way communications for alarming and remote interrogation result in reduced visits to remote sites due to false alarms, saving truck rolls and managing more effective use of available personnel through quicker in-house field diagnosis of problems.

The TELSEC ESB2 provides an integrated surveillance solution to monitor and control all environmental and equipment alarming, including temperature, humidity, HVAC, fire/smoke, toxic and combustible gas, high water, power plants, UPS, generator, invertor, TVSS, and/or phase loss monitoring, equipment failure monitoring, including rectifiers and fuse panels, intrusion alarming and tower light monitoring.

Quest Controls, Inc. has provided reliable end-to-end monitoring and control solutions for over 30 years. Quest Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets remote surveillance products that provide monitoring, control, and energy management solutions for the power utility, telecommunications, cable, industrial and commercial industries. The TELSEC®, OspreyFMS®, OspreyDCM™ and COSYS™ product and server software families provide alarm performance, monitoring, control, energy savings, and test of a facility’s critical operating environment and equipment to maintain and ensure each facility’s smooth and continuous operation. Quest Controls, Inc. also provides installation services as well as 24/7 monitoring and service contracts.

To learn more about the TELSEC ESB2/ESB2x Controllers, go to: Or to speak to a qualified sales engineer, call: (941) 729-4799

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