New SYNERGY(TM) Extrusion Coating Line Merges Best of Davis-Standard Brands

New SYNERGY(TM) Extrusion Coating Line Merges Best of Davis-Standard Brands

(Fulton, N.Y.)--An innovative extrusion coating product line from Davis-Standard, LLC -SYNERGY(TM) - combines the best components of the Black Clawson Converting Machinery, Davis-Standard, Egan and ER-WE-PA brands to support the global marketplace and individual customer needs. The newly introduced product line provides processors with a total equipment package from a single-source supplier to accommodate everything from basic applications to those with high-speed, complex requirements.

"SYNERGY, as the name implies, integrates the best technology from the respective brands within Converting Systems to create high quality, proven performance systems for several common flexible packaging applications," said Mark Panozzo, president of Converting Systems for Davis-Standard, LLC.

The three SYNERGY product lines include the SYNERGY 300, 450 and 750. (The numbers 300, 450 and 750 reflect the approximate line speed capabilities in meters per minute.) The SYNERGY 300 is engineered for customers who desire to enter new markets or grow their business with a modest investment. The SYNERGY 450 provides greater output and automation, with the SYNERGY 750 offering the fastest line speeds and most options for large-scale production applications. All three can be tailored for customer specific flexible packaging applications and other products such as fabrics, building products, aseptic packaging and others.

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