New Stainless Steel Block Assembly Features Three-Way Head Configuration

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  • Offers multiple usages through fixed 0°, fixed 90° and free swivel modes
  • Wide grooves provide proper throat angle that permits slight rope lead misalignment
  • Suitable for fibrous or wire rope

Original Press Release:

Suncor Stainless Launches Premium Stainless Steel Block Assembly Product Line with Optimized Versatility and Lifespan

Plymouth, Massachusetts, April 6, 2022 – Suncor Stainless, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel hardware, has announced the launch of PULLPRO™, a new line of premium stainless steel blocks and sheaves designed to address an industry need for versatile, robust and long lasting block assemblies to meet today’s demanding applications.

PULLPRO™ blocks and sheaves are available for fibrous or wire rope and are comprised of only the highest quality raw materials. The blocks are available with five different attachment types, allowing the user to choose an assembly that meets the needs of their application. Attachment types include a forged swivel eye, forged D shackle, forged bow shackle, forged swivel hook and a machined bolt head.

PULLPRO™ blocks feature a unique three-way head configuration that allows a single block to offer incredible versatility and multiple usages through fixed 0°, fixed 90°, and free swivel modes. While competitor’s products would require three independent blocks to achieve multiple head configurations, PULLPRO™ blocks offer the versatility of utilizing one block. Users can stock a reduced inventory and provide greater options for changes in the field without having to swap out the block for another configuration. This is especially beneficial if fibrous or wire rope is already setup through the blocks and saves a considerable amount of time.

“PULLPRO™ premium stainless steel block assemblies are designed to meet the demands of real-world applications. The variety of sheave types, hub styles, attachments and unique three-way head configuration allow the user to select a block for a specific need, while allowing flexibility in the field.” - Seth Porter, Product Manager

PULLPRO™ sheaves are comprised of high quality grade 316 stainless steel and incorporate a weight optimized design with recessed sides and lightening holes. They feature either stainless steel ball bearing or bronze bushing type hub styles. Stainless steel spacers are included with most of the bronze bushing style sheaves. The inclusion of spacers adds a new level of versatility by allowing a standard sheave to adapt to various shaft sizes.

Historically, end users have been limited by block and sheave sizes and large diameter assemblies are often used in situations where a smaller, less expensive assembly would meet the demands of the application. As a result, Suncor has developed HiLOAD and LoLOAD options for wire rope applications. HiLOAD indicates a larger diameter assembly suitable for 180° rope turns. LoLOAD indicates a smaller diameter assembly designed for economical small deflection turns less than 90°.

In the development process for PULLPRO™, an emphasis was placed on minimizing wear and extending the life of the sheaves. Wide grooves have been incorporated to provide a proper throat angle that permits slight rope lead misalignment. The groove diameter is critical for proper rope support under load and has a significant effect on the overall safety and lifespan of the sheave and rope. If the sheave groove diameter has too much clearance, it will not support the rope properly. When tension is applied by the rope, the high radial pressures will flatten and distort the rope and that distortion leads to increased fatigue damage, early failure, costly repairs, and unplanned downtime. Conversely, if the sheave groove diameter has too little clearance, the rope will not fit properly in the groove and it will experience wear along two lines of contact. This results in distortion of the rope and severe notching within the individual rope strands. PULLPRO™ sheaves were designed with an optimal sheave groove clearance suited for each rope size to ensure a maximized lifespan for the rope and sheaves.

The working load limits (WLL) of these assemblies were certified through extensive in-house laboratory testing. The WLL represents a 5:1 design factor (DF), and when used appropriately, the blocks and sheaves meet ASME B30.26.

PULLPRO™ premium stainless steel block assemblies answer several challenges currently facing end users. The introduction of larger diameter HiLOAD and smaller diameter LoLOAD options provides a new level of versatility. The sizes, hub styles and spacers allow the user to select a sheave tailored to fit their specific shaft size and product application and the design provides optimal weight, groove diameter and throat angle. The three-way head configuration saves time, reduces inventory, and provides greater options for changes in the field. The result is one of the most versatile, long-lasting, and high quality offerings of premium block assemblies on the market.

Suncor Stainless, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel hardware in the industrial, marine, government, architectural, OEM and commercial industries. Suncor’s modern facilities manufacture an ever-expanding product line that has become one of the world's most complete and highest quality sources for stainless steel chain, hardware, and custom parts. As an ISO 9001 certified company, you can trust that all Suncor products and services will consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Katie Kastanek
Marketing Manager

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