New Smith Equipment Products to be Featured at 2006 Fabtech International/AWS Welding Show

WATERTOWN, SD., August 2, 2006-Smith Equipment will showcase its latest products at the Fabtech International/AWS Welding Show in Atlanta, October 31 to November 2, in Booth 24040. New products on display include the company's Optimizer(TM) Anti-Surge Flowmeter Regulators, Thermite Heating Tips and Silverline Specialty Gas Regulators. Also to be showcased are Smith's Gas Axe cutting torches, Gas Manifold/Automatic Changeover Systems and Dual Guard Toolbox Outfits.

Optimizer Regulator
By eliminating gas surges when a MIG gun or TIG torch is activated, Smith's Optimizer Anti-Surge Flowmeter Regulator reduces shielding gas consumption by as much as 50 percent and minimizes cylinder changeover, while a two-stage anti-surge design provides accurate gas flow and outlet pressure to optimize welding performance. The Optimizer has a high flow capacity up to 70 SCFH and features a three-year limited warranty.

Thermite Heating Tips
Designed for the thermite welding process used to weld rail ends, Smith's Thermite Heating Tips feature high temperature silver brazed joints to keep components secure against reflected heat and allow for accurate repeatable flames. The Thermite Heating Tips are designed for use with oxygen and propane with Smith SW1A or WH200 torch handles.

Smith's new Silverline specialty gas regulators provide gas purity levels of up to 99.999% for general purpose, high purity, high purity analytical, corrosion resistance or special purpose applications. The Silverline specialty gas regulators are available with a wide variety of CGA inlet connections, outlet valves and a wide range of outlet pressure options. Smith offers a possibility of over 10,000 different configurations, each of which is deliverable within 24 hours.

Gas Axe Torch
Smith engineered its heavy-duty Gas Axe Torch for high capacity demolition and metal scrapping applications. For use with oxygen and any fuel gas such as acetylene, propane-based fuels, Mapp or natural gas, the Gas Axe Torch cuts steel up to 24-inches (610 mm) thick and is available in 3- to 6-foot lengths and with various head angles.

Gas Manifold/Automatic Changeover Systems
Smith's Gas Manifold and Automatic Changeover Regulator Systems provide accurate, uninterrupted gas flow for applications where compressed gases and liquids are frequently used and models are available for 15-, 40- or 125-psi outlet pressures. These highly accurate regulators have easy-to-read 2.5-inch chrome-plated gauges. An optional audio and visual alarm alerts users when the cylinder bank changeover has occurred. Gas Manifold and Automatic Changeover Regulator Systems are available for inert, oxygen and fuel gases.

Dual Guard Toolbox Outfits
Smith offers its Dual Guard oxy-fuel cutting torches in medium- and heavy-duty toolbox outfits that feature a rugged, high impact plastic with steel latches and can safely transport oxy-fuel equipment. The Dual Guard torch inside features a flashback arrestor built into the torch head and Smith's proven in-tip mixing technology featuring a three-tube construction to keep gases separate until they mix in the tip. Toolbox Outfits come with accessories such as a lighter, goggles, hoses, tip cleaner and operations and safety manual. Smith also offers the LP Toolbox Outfits for alternate fuel gases.

For more information on Smith products, call Smith Equipment at 800-843-7912, fax 605-882-2100 or visit With headquarters in Watertown, S.D., Smith Equipment is a leading manufacturer of oxy-fuel cutting, welding and brazing equipment and specialty gas regulators. Smith products are proudly manufactured in the United States with a quality system certified to ISO 9001. Smith is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), Glenview, Ill. ITW is a diversified multinational manufacturer of highly engineered components, assemblies and systems.

Monica L. DeBrot
Insight Marketing, LLC

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