New Servo Control Tube Re-Cut Machine by Haven

Brunswick, GA - Haven Manufacturing, the industry leader in the design and production of reliable, performance enhancing tube and bar cutting machines, is excited to premier the latest addition to their highly respected product line. The Haven Model #873 Servo Tube Recut Machine enables manufacturers to cut round, square, and rectangular tubing to a variety of precise lengths quickly and automatically. By feeding the material to be cut through the integrated servo motor controlled linear slide, the Haven machine is able to be pre-programmed by the operator to cut multiple length and quantity parts from each individual mill length tube, maximizing material use and minimizing both wasted time and money.

The cutoff process begins when mill length tube bundles up to 30" in diameter are placed into the integrated loader/un-scrambler by overhead hoist or forklift. The tubes are then gently lifted by five elevating slings to load position, where single tubes gravity feed onto an inclined table that controls the feed rate into the re-cut machine. As each individual tube reaches loading position, it feeds into v-rollers and is ready to advance towards the Haven cutting head. At this point the tube is gripped by a set of slide clamps controlled by the highly precise integrated servo motor and is moved forward into the, now open, dual-blade cutoff head to the exact length required. The Model #873 utilizes the same reliable dual-blade, shear tube recut technology utilized in Haven tube recut machines worldwide for over 30 years. As the tube is being cut, the slide clamp retracts to its original position and is ready to advance the tube to the next pre-programmed cutting length. It sounds as if a lot is going on, and it is, but the Haven Model #873 accomplishes the shearing process in just fractions of a second. The time-proven Haven system can achieve up to 3000 cycles per hour while producing cut-to-length tubes from ½" up to mill length.

Expect the same all steel construction, automatic oiling system, and quick-change tooling that Haven has become well known for in their entire line of cutoff machines ( Haven Manufacturing is proud of their 30+ years manufacturing the finest tube-cutting, shearing systems, and cold saw systems available.

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