New Safety Wearable Features High-powered 9-axis IMU Sensor

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  • FUSE FLEX reduces ergonomic injuries and combat high-risk interactions in workforces large and small
  • 24-hour battery life ensures peak performance for even the most grueling shifts
  • IP 55 rating provides protection from dust, dirt, water and direct force

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StrongArm Technologies Unveils FUSE FLEX, The World's Toughest, Most Advanced Safety Wearable

Ergonomic, Proximity and Beaconing Technology Empower Industrial Athletes™ Everywhere to Stay Safe and Productive on the Job

Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- StrongArm Technologies, the world's leading safety science company, today introduced its smallest, toughest and most advanced safety wearable ever — FUSE FLEX.

At half the size and twice the risk-reduction potential of its predecessor, FUSE — the pioneering safety wearable currently on-body and trusted by more than 25,000 Industrial Athletes™ worldwide — FUSE FLEX is the next generation of workplace safety, purpose-built to reduce ergonomic injuries and combat high-risk interactions in workforces large and small.

"We're a data company at the core, and we've harnessed the analysis of more than 25 million hours of real-world safety data to produce the exact safety solution our clients have been asking for," said StrongArm Founder and CEO, Sean Petterson. "FUSE FLEX has the potential to protect so many more Industrial Athletes™ — that, to all of us, is the most important outcome."

The FUSE Risk Management Platform has already delivered unrivaled results across current deployments, reducing high-risk worker interactions by more than 70% and driving down ergonomic risk by as much as 40%. The result: $27.6M in annual enterprise savings.

New to FUSE FLEX are a variety of features geared specifically toward increased performance and comfort for the Industrial Athlete – critical enhancements as Covid-19 and other new factors continue to challenge the definition of what it means to be a safe and productive workplace.

A high-powered 9-axis IMU sensor detects injury and proximity risk in real time while advanced beaconing capabilities empower managers to map physical work environments with perceived risk – altering workflow and reducing injury risk accordingly.

A partner mobile app provides the same best-in-class data access and the same customized reporting as always, now in a new easier to access and more user friendly format.

The new industrial-grade, interchangeable clip offers an array of new attachment point options. On-body, the aluminum and polycarbonate construction is tough enough to withstand the rigors of any Industrial Athlete's daily grind, while its IP 55 Rating guarantees protection from dust, dirt, water and direct force.

"Whether it's forklift collision safety or ensuring a quick response when a solo worker slips and falls somewhere in a distant corner of a construction site, FUSE FLEX is the smaller, tougher and smarter way to leverage safety data for enterprise risk management," said Petterson.

Like its current FUSE safety wearable, FUSE FLEX monitors ergonomic injury and proximity detection in real time through auditory, haptic and visual alerts for complete 360º safety. More computing power provides deeper, more actionable insights. As always, 24-hour battery life ensures peak performance for even the most grueling shifts.

While the profile of industrial risk continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, FUSE FLEX is engineered to keep Industrial Athletes safe in any work environment, from office buildings to warehouses, construction sites to retail centers.

About Strongarm Technologies

StrongArm Technologies is the world's leading safety science company. We capture, analyze and deliver actionable insights that drive worker safety and create enterprise value — all in the name of improving operations by navigating around risk.

With StrongArm tech, the Industrial Athlete™ is Proud, Protected, and Productive.

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